Handling comments

Is there any way to allow comments on my pages without having to actually do up a blog format?

Further explanation of request, to avoid spamming here with my usual colorful language, at http://warlocktopus.livejournal.com/5031.html

I haven't been able to find the links I was hoping for, but there are services that host comments for your webpages. Personally, I dislike having my data hosted on other people's servers, but that's the cost.

Your points about blog software mostly apply to free blogging services. If you host WordPress or another CMS for yourself, you can get it to do just about anything you like. WFG, for instance, is built on WordPress, and I don't think it looks much like a blog. ;-)

In any event, a commenting service is probably the easy thing to do. Alternatively, check out these two links:



Oh please, color away.

Having read your post over thar, er, *scratches toe in dirt* have you considered DigitalNovelists.com? You can make it bloggy or not bloggy or any combination thereof.

texty.com is a website that I use. It's pretty simple to use.