Happy April Fools Day

Happy April Fools' Day!

Lyn Thorne-Alder and I had an idea, a few months back, to experiment with writing each others' stories. What better opportunity than April Fool's Day? We really can't take any credit, however, as we were as hands-off as it is possible to be while still running an event. The hilarity, cleverness and general fantastic ability of people who participated speaks for itself, so without further ado, the master list:

That all said, I just about died reading some of these. He's dead, Jim!

This was great fun. Glad I could participate!

It was a very fun project. Thanks to Wysteria and Lyn for organizing!

I had a great time participating and I thank Gavin for his contribution to my story!

It was fun; I have a particular fondness for playing around in other people's worlds. Thanks to all those who helped make it possible!

I had a blast trying to mimic Allan's story (which I love reading too) and then make it funny, I hope I succeeded. I really enjoyed Jim Zoetewey's handling of my story as well, I laughed out loud reading it. Hope everyone else had as much fun as I did, this was great.

Indeed, i loved torturing characters other than my own, can't wait for next year!

I've only gotten through half of them so far! Some of them are so funny that I've manages to scare the cat into the other room for hours at a time laughing! Incidentally, one of you might very well owe me a new keyboard for making me spit tea all over it...lol (j/k)

Whether or not I was funny, I think I managed the highest body count of all the participants. Don't know that that's a good thing, but it amuses me slightly.

Incidentally, Gavin wrote an April Fools post. Around the same time, Robert wrote part of an April Fools post that's become story sized. Assuming he wants to finish it, I'll post it all.

I just had so much fun seeing Jim's take on my characters I thought he might like to see someone else play with his toys too. I actually look forward to Robert's, given that it's a whole storyline - mine was just supposed to be a gag like the others. Whether it's actually funny, however, is a totally separate question.

Hello All -

Fun Fact #1: Amber is my wife's name as well as an excellent opposing color/stone to Emerald.

Fun Fact #2: I've been reading a whole bunch of JA Konrath's blog lately, so of course Frank's drink of choice was a whiskey sour.


Too bad I have a misunderstanding about the concept of guest post and ended up rejected last minute. This serves me a good lesson if I am to write a guest post next time.

Jim, that may be, but I killed the last living human, dooming the human race.


This is really good. At the same time it makes me miss Robert Rodgers and Scryer's Gulch and WHY WAS STAR HARBOR NIGHTS TAKEN OFFLINE THIS IS SO SAD THIS IS WHY YOU DON'T RAISE THINGS FROM THE DEAD HO-HO NOW I'M SAD.

(Also it's really funny that you double posted but over the span of three years.)

I should email Robert and let him know he's missed.

You should. And yes, star harbor being taken down is a shame. And void dogs. IMO, both were heads and shoulders above MU.

Yeah, I would hop on a new Robert serial in a hot minute.

Also, I really loved Star Harbor Nights, but I actually kind of like Tales of MU, too. It's not quite as good, and honestly I'm never going to do the archive crawl required to catch up, but all the poly romance stuff is actually pretty cute.

I started with MU, and I got kinda... burned out during the double posting with wassinmae, jamie? It's good, but SHN and VD were just... tighter prose imo. I think AE writes better in third person. Some people do. Zelazny was crap in third but wrote amazing first, asimov's attempts at first were generally shit but his various goofings with third were magic.