Harsh Language Criteria?

I didn't see anything about this on a quick search, but is there any formal or informal criteria in a submission for what to consider "some harsh language" or "pervasive harsh language" in a story? After my recent story was accepted, I realized that my selection of "some harsh language" gives a pretty big content warning on the main page that I'm not sure is actually warranted now that I think about it. But before I request a change or anything like that, I wanted to know if there was a specific crieria or a consensus about what qualifies for that. This story in particular is mostly PG-13, so far using [butt] four times, [poop] three times, and [frick] once, which is.... "some" harsh language. Obviously the number will increase over time, though, so I don't know what to do.

I thought harsh language meant actual swears or vulgar words? Your examples seem very mild to me. I'm not sure if they would even count as harsh.

Oh I was using the substitutes for ass, shit, and fuck out of some self-censorship reason; sorry for the confusion.

I took it to mean 'words I couldn't say in front of my grandmother'. I think the point is just to give readers a heads up, rather than to have a specific pool of unacceptable language.

personally, i consider "harsh" language to be heavily violent language, lots of threats, belittling, ect, as opposed to swearing.

"words I couldn't say in front of my grandmother"

Sky's the limit, then: my grandparents would give Malcolm Tucker a run for his money XD