Headtalker help!

Hey guys!

Once giants goes live on the 8th with it's first book The Neon Amazon. I've started a headtalker campaign and need 25 supports for it to go viral. If any of you guys are able to help out I'd be massively appreciative ^_^

Link is here. All you need is a Twitter, FB or tumbler.


My thanks in advance for all who can help!


Kirk of TC

I've signed up. Good luck with your book, Team Contract.

It. Is. Done.

Let us commend our souls to the dark gods of the internet and scream the name of your mighty work in unison. None shall drown out the voice of destiny.

Thanks so much guys! We've hit our supporter goal already =D Woowhoo!

And if anyone else wants to aid in the war effort, feel free to join. The more the merrier!


I missed this post. It's done. Good luck ;)

Thanks much Scott! The big day is tomorrow ^_^