Hello and Introductions

So I've lurked around the Guide for a while and noticed there are a lot of fairly regular faces at the core of the community. I'd like to be more active, but it can be a little intimidating getting into a new community off the bat.

So I'd like to know a little more about the people who frequent these boards! Please post a little something about yourselves, what you like, how to best contact you and (importantly!) what you write, if you are a writer.

Starting this off, then:

I use the pen name Khelden Iituem (which is a pain, I know, but it's a longstanding web alias), but I also tend to go by Jack or Roberts. Any of those is fine. I like storytelling (duh?), as well as acting, listening/reading other people's storytelling, learning the fundamentals of programming and cooking. I am a motorcyclist!

The best way to contact me is by MSN or email (iituem-at-hotmail-dot-com), but somewhere or other I have a dusty old twitter account under @iituem.

I write a fantasy serial called The Goatskin Usgar ( http://violetwaterbeast.digitalnovelists.com/usgar ), following the adventurers of a young man searching for his mother in a very different world to our own. I enjoy writing fantasy, though I want to write in more genres as I develop skill. I am still relatively new to this (having only been seriously working at it for a year).

Would anyone else care to introduce themselves, please?

I will, though I doubt you could call me a regular poster, though I do usually come here most days just to see what's postin'. I suppose this might be a nice way to reintroduce myself since the last time I posted as well.

Name's Tamyrlin Ink, least that's what I call myself for the purpose of writing my serial novel 'The Grimmery' (found at http://thegrimmerynovel.blogspot.com/ ). I haven't actually submitted it to the Guide yet, but when I do I hope some of you kind folk will look at it and review it. Perhaps even like it.

I write fantasy, first and foremost, but to say I 'write fantasy' implies some level of professionalism, which I do not have. I write in my spare time, and maybe one day I could be a real author, but for now I'll content myself with writing (and juggling) my stories for myself when I can. 'The Grimmery' is really the first thing I've shared on the Internet, or shared with anyone. I started it around December last year, and updates have been... sporadic, at best. I've been writing stories for longer than that, but this is the first thing to see the light of day. If you could call it's current state 'the light of day'.

And, like a lot of us, I'm having trouble pulling readers and getting the word out, with the added problem of having no money to put into advertising. Not knowing the people that do go there, no comments on the site and little time to write, learn all I need to learn about site management, and all the other stuff that makes a web novel successful... It's tough, is all I'll say.

If you really want to try and contact me, your best bet is the.terminian.annals(at)gmail(dot)com, although I probably check my emails once a week at most, so don't get your hopes up.

I guess we're in the same boat. A similar boat, at least. Perhaps my boat is a little behind your boat...

Hi, I'm T.L. Whiteman, author of The Antithesis.

Except for one short story published in a (now out-of-business) horror quarter-annual magazine six years ago, I'm a free-lance sci-fi/fantasy/horror writer who somehow finds the time to write in between my busy schedule.

I've only actually written one novel thus far, which began as just a sort of stress relief a year and a half ago during my near-mental breakdown while obtaining a pre-medical bachelors in biology and chemistry, while subsequently trying to prepare for admission to medical school.

I probably will never be published, and I will admit I've never actually tried save for winning a short story contest during high school (which my teacher submitted to the magazine I had mentioned earlier). I just enjoy writing and being read.

In any case, welcome to the forums and hope to see you around! :)

Hello! I tend to go by intergal, or my writing LiveJournal log in name, which is Akatsuki_2007. I wish I had come up with a clever nom de plume, but alas I have not gotten around to that yet (I just prefer not to band around my given name at the moment).

I write 'Cold Ghost' and 'My Last Wilderness', the first being a crime story with a bit of romance, and the second being a post-apocalyptic adventure. I am also working on a novel which I considered putting up on my writing journal, but I've since taken it down so I can get to working on it properly. I would like to be published and intend to work hard towards that goal. At the moment, I'm trying to get 'Cold Ghost' up and running, and encourage new readers; I hope if any of you decide to take a look, that you will enjoy it too!

Apart from reading and writing, I like films (especially Japanese and Chinese cinema), karaoke, soundtrack music, giant chocolate buttons and photography, and other things that I can't think of right now.

It's kind of funny. A long time ago, there was an introduction thread. I guess it's lost in the mist of time (roughly two years ago).

Anyway, personally, I'm Jim Zoetewey, a web developer/sysadmin/small business owner who's currently writing a web serial called "The Legion of Nothing." It's superheroic fiction in prose. Basically a comic book without all the pictures. I chose that particular genre because I had characters and a story, but knew that there's not a lot of that sort of thing published. As such, it's unlikely that it would have much of a chance with traditional publishers.

I'm working on a novel intended for traditional publication as well.

One of these days I hope to have time to do things like play bass guitar, regular running, or martial arts again, but for the moment I spend a lot of time working on computers.

@Jim, I did a quick scan of the archives, and I couldn't find it either. All well!

Hullo, all, I'm capriox bovidae. I'm a farmer (meat goats, dairy cows, assorted crops) who also happens to read a lot of scifi/fantasy. As long as I can remember, I've also been coming up with my own stories, and I finally started sharing some of them this year as weblit serials. My first story is sword & sorcery type of tale called "Strong Heart". The story is currently located at http://bovidae.livejournal.com. The quickest way to contact me is through twitter @caprioxbovidae, but almost as quick and a bit more reliable is emailing bovidae.at.play -at- gmail -dot- com.

Um, some of you may have noticed that I go through fits & spurts of writing reviews on WFG. FYI, I usually focus on newly listed stories and/or ones that haven't been reviewed by readers yet.

I'm Allan T Michaels and I just realized I've been doing the online writing thing for just over two years (although there were some regrettable gaps). I write mainly high or urban fantasy, although I'm planning to branch out into Sci Fi. My main, on-going work, is An Empire of Law, and I have two complete novellas of my urban fantasy Superstition. Both can be found at http://allantmichaels.digitalnovelists.com.

If you want to reach me, you can e-mail me at allantmichaels [at] gmail or on Twitter - @allantmichaels

Aside from writing, my main hobby is photography.

Hi, I'm Rhapsody In Prose, or if you prefer abbreviations, R.I.P. Hah! As far as the community goes, I'm the resident cynic.

I've been writing a while; I've always felt that it's in my blood. Though I've been published in various forms, I'm writing serial fiction now because I don't want to go through the comprises you have to go through in order to get published. Why screw with that junk when you have your own printing press?

Anyhow, I'm working on three projects -- Summer Ends in August (modern-day coming-of-age), The Department of Minor Incompetence Correction (satire/high school/superhero), and Lonely Planets (gothic SF), pretty much monthly.

I write, play music, rollerblade, do web design, and write interactive fiction -- all at about the same level of incompetence!

I'm Becka,

I'm new at all this too. I'm writing a young adult fantasy serial called Dragon Wars (yeah, I know the title is boring) wherein a group of British teens struggle to end a war that started 10000 years ago.

How long have I been writing? I don't remember exactly but I recall writing stories before my age hit double figures so around 30 years I guess. No, I've never been published - never really tried.

I also post a review of a piece of web fiction on here and on my blog every Wednesday as part of #webficwed on Twitter.


Looks like we have another writer here. My pseudonym is Murazrai and I'm currently authoring a fantasy series named Chaos Fighters. On its third book, it chronicles the adventure of eight chosen warriors in their task given by god. They have to get their holy weapons through the tests given by the gods before sent down to the realm of satan to fight against a demon lord.

I also write another to the series, named Chaos Fighters: Cyber Assault-The Secret Programs. It is about the struggles of a governmental research group which trying to create sentient digital being called guardians, which behaves completely like human from the law reinforcement people's point of view.

Being about one year and an half in writing, I feel that I having improvements over my writing, despite still having room for improvement. Hopefully you'll be able to write as you wish.

Oooh, I can still remember the last intro thread. Ages and ages ago...

Anyway, my pen-name is Tahjir, and I write a mixture of sci-fi, urban fantasy, and... uh, experimental fiction, I guess.

I don't post here very often, but I usually read the threads.

My main series is One Last Autumn (sci-fi/experimental) http://tahjir.blogspot.com which has been written and re-written about 30 times now.

I do reviews (on occasion), usually on whatever catches my eye, mainly epic fantasy and that sort of thing. I like stuff that takes advantage of the online medium, or any sort of experimental writing. And, like quite a few people on here, I haven't been writing for that long, maybe two years, so I'm no professional. Not yet, anyway. >.>

Hi, I'm Dash - musician, writer...

Spent a few years writing gig reviews and blogging about work - until work found out and made me stop! I still had the urge to write so I decided to turn my ideas into proper stories.

I too am a big sci-fi (and RPG) fan, mostly Iain M Banks, Neal Stephenson, William Gibson - 'hard' sci fi if you will...

Still finding my feet with the writing, my current story is really a novel that I'm serialising as I write it, which has it's pros and cons I guess.

Don't spend as much time getting involved in forums as I probably should to build up the readership, but it's early days (and I have a mini-me on the way so there's a deadline!)...


My name is H-M Brown. (That is my real name)

I currently write in Fictionaut. My works posted there are the following: Poem 'Days of Fate and Destiny', Short Stories 'The First Run' and 'Arcana Magi Zero', and my Web Serial Novel 'Arcana Magi'. I joined Fictionaut late last year and I am still new to posting my stories on the internet. Sci Fi, Fantasy, and Horror are my writing genres and my influences include H.G. Wells, H.P. Lovecraft, Ken Akamatsu, and CLAMP.

My overall goal: To train hard in the art of writing and tell everyone a good story.


My name is Kristina Tracer, and I have the misfortune of that not only being my real name as well as my pen name, but also the name under which I opted to write almost everything I've put online. This has the benefit and the curse of people being able to easily find my work when I introduce myself, since I'm the only person with that name in Google at present.

I've been writing and storytelling for ages, but when I opted to give up a desired degree in Creative Writing to pursue monetary self-sufficiency, I ended up having to take a long hiatus, and My first novel, "Child of Man", is complete and available online at my website. My second, "Beautiful World", is done and presently being edited into nothingness. *grin* The third, "Bonds of Silver, Bonds of Gold", is quite honestly pure fetish material, but from the feedback I've gotten elsewhere, it's quite good fetish material. The fourth, "De Magia," is mostly plotted and the first chapter is underway.

As far as inspirations, I'll take it where I can find it. I don't do nearly as much reading these days as I should, but I grew up on William Mark Gardener, Robert and Lynn Aspirin, Craig Shaw Gardener, Alan Dean Foster, Robert Anton Wilson, Mercedes Lackey... yeah, that's about the list. Later I got into Greg Egan and just enough Bob Heinlein to know better. =n.n=

I'm Miladysa

I've been writing Refuge of Delayed Souls for a few years now. Volumes One and Two are complete and I think there will be a Volume Three - if I can concentrate long enough to finish it!

I too can remember introducing myself quite late on in the thread Jim and Tahjir mentioned - it seems like only yesterday :)

You can find me on twitter @Miladysa

I'm looking forward to the day Refuge of Delayed Souls is mentioned on TV Tropes - I've heard it is all uphill from there :)

hello everyone - those new and those not-so-new :)

i haven't been here half as much as i used to be, although i've developed a pretty good lurking routine... wasn't someone just commenting on the 90-9-1 rule? LOL

for anyone interested, here's the original introduction thread - yip, after seeing it referred to i couldn't let it go and i dug it up :) free chocolate cake to anyone who can guess who the unlikely last poster was...

i currently have 8 novels in various genres i'm not writing and a bunch of terrible poetry, picture-less children's stories and unusable/unsellable short stories and non-fiction articles. i hope to let go of reality again soon and indulge in words once more. riders of darith, my novel-in-progress here on WFG, is fantasy of the dragon sort.

i waste plenty of (writing) time on facebook (search for nicole spruit if you really want to). otherwise, i occupy myself with coloured paints, my kids, hiking, dreaming of getting a real bike and growing grass. i've done and been many different things in the name of money. writing, when i get around to it, i do for the love of the story. maybe one day the money will follow...

Hi! I'm M.C.A. Hogarth. I'm currently writing a military SF serial, Spots the Space Marine (http://www.stardancer.org/spots). This is a big gear-switch for me from my previous two web-fiction collections, The Aphorisms of Kherishdar (http://www.stardancer.org/kherishdar) and its companion, The Admonishments of Kherishdar (http://www.stardancer.org/kherishdar2), which were... alien wisdom tales, sociological SF, very contemplative/meditative. I write mostly SF/F, but I also like writing essays and I'm currently starting a monthly column on running a business as an artist (http://mcahogarth.blogspot.com). All these efforts are crowdfunded, because writers have gotta eat. -_-

Otherwise, I'm an underslept mom. You can find me at [email protected] or [email protected] And I like... just about anything that's well-done, though I don't read much if any horror. Most of the web fiction I've read has been posted on Livejournal (like Shadesong's Windtunnel Dreams, http://shadesong.livejournal.com/tag/wind tunnel dreams) but I'm interested in branching out and finding more fiction elsewhere. :)

Pleased to meet you all!


Hi, I'm Lyn Thorne-Alder (I think my first, and until yesterday, last post was on the original introductions thread!) I write a dark urban fantasy web-serial, Addergoole (http://addergoole.com) and a darker urban-fantasy quest story, Wild Ones' Blood (http://lyn.thorne-alder.info/blood) - in between knitting, sewing, gardening, hiking and, oh, yeah, my day job.

You can find me on Twitter at @LynThorneAlder - beware, I'm loquacious!

Hello to all!


Well, I'm Bex...I read these boards quite a bit, but this is my very first time to actually post. I'm a 27 year old gallstone sufferer, shrinking violet, hotel manager, sometimes writer, crazy cat lady, unapologetic recluse, born outcast (but totally okay with that), snarky bitch and wannabe rock star. I write Independence Day, which is probably one of few non-fantasy series around these here parts. I write a period piece murder mystery with a hint of soap opera thrown in for seasoning. I used to write the web's version of Seinfeld, called Behind Closed Doors (972 episodes about absolutely nothing but life as we all know it!) and have been in the webfiction scene for I think 6 years now? Something like that.

Best way to get a hold of me is to holler at me on twitter @ladymacbex or to shoot an email to ladymacbex at gmail dot com.

Anyway...greetings and salutations!

Hello everyone,


M. Abran