Hello. Glad to be here

I have just registered my web serial, "The Corvus Project" (http://projectcorvus.com) on this site and look forward to seeing how that develops.

This is my first novel (much less online serial novel, or all things) and grows out of three basic threads in my mind: how the world would cope without petroleum and credit economy, urban cycling and skating, and a deep appreciation for the work of William Gibson. I blush to mention my work in the same breath with his, but there are similarities of situation, if not quality of writing. My main source of "color" is the speech and culture or young people I come into contact with in my work. With what I assume is the usual extrapolation to near future.

I'm looking forward to the company here and reading other work.

Welcome to the WFC! I'm afraid I'm not familiar with William Gibson, but the premise of your serial sounds very interesting. I'll check it out!

Welcome, from a fellow serial novel first-timer!

Not familiar with The Neuromancer? Shocking!

On the other hand, I wouldn't suffer by comparison in that case, would I? :-)

Thank you for the welcome.

Neuromancer? I love cyberpunk! William Gibson. Neal Stephenson. There's another writer here who wrote a totally worthwhile cyberpunk style story that I reviewed very early when I joined. Let me figured out whom (the name is escaping me.)

Or not...seems like looking for my own reviews isn't working so well right now.

Regardless, I'll figure it out. And I'll probably be along to read thine before long.

Welcome aboard!

Neuromancer has been on my to-read list for ages!

Welcome to the WFG fold. :-)