Hello? Is This Thing On? *Taps Mic*

Hello all. I joined WBF last week, after lurking for a week and fogging up the community's windows with my breath. Yeah, that was me, sorry about the prints. I didn't see anything, I swear.

It's been a while since I was a new member of a community. Bear with me (RAWR! MAUL!)as I figure things out.

I won't bore you with my interests and views. It goes without saying that I love to read and to write and am currently laboring under the delusion that I will one day be a published writer. I have submitted the serial, Ruin Follow, co-written by myself and my partner. Hopefully it will be accepted for you all to rip apart (please do!).

Most importantly, it's great to be here. I look forward to speaking to other readers/writers and reviewing some of the cool serial fiction.

Heya, Dead Beat. Sorry, I had to, everybody was thinking it.

First order of business: since you've confessed to the window fog, I'll confess to being the person who drew all the genitalia. Sorry, it's a habit I picked up during my carpool (long and conplicated story).

Second: LINKS! Give us links! I wanna start ripping your writing apart NOW! Just kidding, but for serious, post a link to your story. The title interests me. Also, what's it about? That might be important, too.

Oh, I did not know that it was OK to link our stuff before it was given the green light by the mods. I don't know why, now that I think about it.

Anywho, thanks for the warm welcome (and the genital drawings)!

And Oh! You're the writer for Umbra, I saw lots of good reviews for that. (Adds to list.)


A post apocalyptic serial that explores identity and fixation. In the wake of the Rack and Ruin, untold species must unite to survive.

Also, bear with me as I try to figure out the ins and outs of this forum's coding. (Durp! HTML.)

An embed of the Ruin Follow Publication (archive)

Ruin Follow

And the first installment


Welcome and thanks for the bear joke. :)

Just glanced at your site. I really liked the formatting and the design. Really clean and really cool. I also started skimming through the first chapter, and I thought the writing was rather strong. But one thing that tripped me up a little was some of the terminology. Do you describe the different species that populate your story anywhere?

Hope your story gets formally listed soon - I'd love to read it more thoroughly and review it. (I'll admit to being a sucker for post-apocalyptic stories.)

Well shucks, thanks. We owe much of the formatting to FrankenBlog Medium.com. It's awesome but not a lot of fiction writers. We're hoping to change that.

As far as the races go:

No, we do not have a post describing them (though we went round and round whether or not to have one). Our reason being that the characteristics of the races themselves are major drivers for the story. So we reveal them as they become relevant.


The first chapter (broken down into four bite-sized installments) primarily features belgas and ghul characters. So by the end of it, you should have a firm enough grasp of those two races. Then as you move along to the next chapter installments, we introduce more races and concepts. We give the reader what they need to know in that moment, and no more, so as not to overwhelm them with info dumps.

Our hope is to introduce this world slowly and subtly, allowing the reader's knowledge of the world within to grow organically, as the story progresses. Much akin to getting to know new people, places, and cultures intimately.

That's our aim, but of course this is highly experimental, so we are open to critique.

The first time I looked at Medium I thought it would be an awesome place for a story - glad you guys are taking advantage of it!

I thought that you were probably trying to get all the info in organically. I honestly didn't get a chance to read everything as closely as I would have liked. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to read the first chapter a little better in the next couple days. And I completely agree that nothing sucks the life out of a story quicker than an info dump.

Welcome to WFG!

You're not having any delusions about being a published writer. You're publishing a serial, so there you go. You ARE a part of the club already!

You mean the power was inside of me all along? :O

Hiya DBB, welcome. Medium looks pretty cool. I've heard of it but never checked it out until now. Are there more layout options (like tables of contents, sidebar stuff)? I like the look of the text on the reading pages, but the landing looks like it'd get pretty crowded after a while!

Hi and welcome! Yay, new blood (we'll try not to spill any).

Sounds like an interesting story you've got there, and I like the look of the site. Might want to add an easy way to find the first post from the landing page, though.

Good luck! :)

For the most part, we're really happy we decided to give Medium a go. It's very simple and clean to use and always looks polished. I don't have to spend too much time making something look good and can focus more on content. It is very much a What You See is What You Get setup--how it looks in the editor is how it will look published on any device.

However, if you're the kind of person who has a very specific, customized vision for your web series, this might not be the place for you.

That being said, though there is only one font, three heading types, bold, italics, and two quote styles, there are endless possibilities to make your story stand out. I personally like crafting within these so called limitations because they stimulate creativity and ingenuity. Much like many director's earlier, low budget films are their best works.

As far as the landing page, unfortunately, users don't have control over what order stories are listed. Everything will be listed from Latest published to First published, which requires for readers to scroll to the bottom of the landing page to find the first story. I recently suggested to the staff that they allow publishers the option of listing stories in ascending/or descending order, and they have a reputation for paying attention to user suggestions (within reason). Here's hoping. But it's not a big enough inconvenience for me to turn away from the service, because there is, at least an order. It just requires scrolling.

If anyone is curious about it, I suggest joining up and playing around with it. It's very simple, but requires either a Facebook Account or a Twitter to join. I was able to figure out the basics within an hour of tinkering and I am not the brightest bulb in the box. And of course, check out what other users are doing to make their articles stand out, visually. You would be amazed by what one can do with a limited set of tools.