Hello! New here.

Hi Everyone! I'm Amy, an illustrator who wishes she were a writer. I just joined the forums and submitted my book, Rema. I'm so excited to have found this community. I wish I had two lives so I could read everyone's work! I love the creative freedom that online publishing offers.

Anyway, just wanted to express my excitement, introduce myself, and say that I love you all!!!


Yes, I've been isolated in my own little writing world for far, far too long. (5+years!!)

Well, welcome. Good to have new blood that's excited about what they do.

It'll probably be a short while before your work gets added to the index - Chris was overloaded, last I heard. Expect a wait of a few days, a week, maybe. Maybe longer.

If you want to get the ball rolling with using WFG to buff up your audience, a good way to start would be to read some web serials & post reviews. I've noticed that getting attention before the next wave of hopefuls comes in is particularly beneficial (I was quite lucky to get some reviews before I dropped off the map). Those who submit to WFG and walk away tend to disappear, if they don't get lucky. Posting in the forums is another way to get attention - seeing the art and style of your page, your attitude and your willingness to accept advice, I'm definitely more inclined to see about reviewing Rema.

Good luck, have fun, hope to see you around. I'm still something of a rookie in some ways, but feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Thanks again Wildbow! So Chris is the editor? I was wondering who was behind all of this as I browsed the site, and how they managed to make time to do all this. It's incredibly generous and shows a real love for the community! My husband ran a big comics anthology for 8 years and let me tell you... it was like herding cats (adorable, loving, awesome cats, of course). I totally empathize with the whole backlog of work to read through thing and am not surprised if my book doesn't get listed for a while.

I've been meaning to post a review but was hesitating because honestly I feel like I know NOTHING about writing! Like, who am I to judge?? But you frame it in an interesting light. It would be sad to be listed and just disappear. :(

If you're like me and you find you're too forgetful to keep up with serials, a lot of the authors here also publish them as collected books when they're done. I am sorry to say I read most of my serials that way...! But at least I am buying people a cup of coffee/tea/etc. :)

Chris is the administrator of WFG, as I understand it. He handles the backend stuff. 'Editors' are volunteers with strong reviewing history who have some extra tools & whose ratings have more gravity (an entry will often have an editor rating and a general audience rating). The issue is that there's a high attrition rate with editors, as it's a lot of (thankless) work to read & review web serials. The end result is that there's far more web serials that want editor attention than the editors can get to. AFAIK, Fiona Gregory is the only active editor right now.

In all honesty, I'm not that good at reviewing, myself. I tend to make it into a critique rather than a review. But I think (and I say this while mentally prodding myself to do so) that we need more general reviews - they don't have to be stellar, and any issues, errors or misinterpretations can be handled through discussion, debate and the laws of averages (if two people review the same work, the reader can get the general impression). In a way, three mediocre reviews can tell us as much about what we might want to read as a single stellar review.

So don't be shy.

Yeah, I'm behind on submissions, presently, as I've been doing 70-90 hour weeks at work, the last little while. Add in moving to a new place mid-October, and my real life has been . . . challenging. In any event, things are starting to calm down, now, so I'm hoping to push through the backlog this week.

Hi Rema! I love your drawings - such clean linework and great line weights :)

Are you planning to do one illo for each post? How do you plan out your schedule to accomplish both the drawing and text? I tried to do this and gave up xD.)

And btw - I am well familiar with your husband's work and am so honored to see you join us here. I hope we can be of some help. If you haven't also listed in other places, make sure you also check out Muses Success and Epi Guide to list your serial. (ETA: Also forgot Tuesdayserial.com!)

Hello Whibbage! Welcome to WFG! I tend to be on the sidelines in the forums and reviews as of late because there's been a lot going in real life, but I do still lurk around and check out new sites and stories. I like the art for Rema, and I've added it to my list of things to check out further when I get the chance. :) Good luck! Don't give up with your writing, especially if you enjoy it, you can only get better.

Wildbow - Good to note with the reviews. Hmmmm now the problem is which one to start with? Maybe one with little-to-no reviews...

SgL - Hi! I'm glad you know my husband's work! I'm so proud of him, and proud to be his wife, but rest assured -- I have absolutely NOTHING to do with his success! It's all him haha ^^ Also I really enjoy your drawings, they have a lot of heart. It's too bad you don't have time to illustrate! I definitely will do one drawing for each chapter. I'm cheating a little because the manuscript for Rema book 1 is already done, I'm just revising. Also after drawing 500+ pages of comics, drawing is like nothing to me so I finish an illustration in like one hour while my kids are napping (I have a 3 mo old and a 3 yr old). That's not to say it is easy. I am so desperate to get this story out of my system though, I'll do anything. It's like a song that's been stuck in my head since I was 13!

Verydien - Thank you for adding Rema to your list, and also for your words of encouragement. I must've been moody tonight because I was lamenting the fact that my career is going nowhere, but you are right. I cannot give up on my dream! Thanks. :)

You guys are all awesome, and I'm so glad to see some of you are still hanging around! Gonna try to breathe some life into these forums... It really reminds me of the beginning of webcomics back in the day, and that's a good thing IMO.

Oh, the art is lovely, Whibbage! I am a fan of B&W work and it's so rare to see it these days, especially online. :)

@whibbage: Welcome. And the art *is* very nice. :)

As @Wildbox mentioned, I run WFG. It's mine. Mine! ALL MINE! MWOO HA HA HA HA!

Ahem. Sorry about that.

FYI, I'm several weeks behind on submissions, due to 70+ hour work weeks and having moved recently. Things are calming down a bit now, so I'm hoping to push through the backlog this week.


I think everyone that writes a web serial knows that feeling of 'I'm gonna work on my backlog this week'.

I think everyone also knows it doesn't happen that way, not nearly as often as we'd like it to.

Good luck either way.

No rush, Chris! At least, not from me. Boy, backlog is painful. -_-

Hellow, Wibbage! Welcome to the group.

I'm relatively new myself. You'll find quite an interesting variety of people here. (And lots of good reading.)

I love your illustrations. Like M.C.A, I also like to see black and white. I'm doing grayscale illos now on my latest serial. (Well, the first ep has color and sucks. It's on my list to redo.)

And I just realized I need to submit the latest one for listing here. (I got laid off just after posting Ep1, so it kind of threw what I was doing for a loop. The intro page is here, if anyone is interested.... http://daringnovelist.blogspot.com/p/test-of-freedom-introduction-and-toc.html )


Hmm. I wonder if we should start a perma-thread for serials that have completed and have e-book/print editions available? That's how I read most of my serials these days, and I'd love to know when the people here issue them, if they do. :)

MCA - that's a really good idea. I also prefer to read something on my Kindle. That would be a very useful thread. (It would also be fun to browse the list of long finished serials.)

I have issued The Misplaced Hero. I'm working on getting Test of Freedom done before it finishes posting, since people have requested it. (Well, they requested it on Misplaced Hero. ToF seems to have a smaller, slightly different audience, and I'm not sure of their preferences.)


Done! Go drop your info there, Camille. :)

Thanks for such a warm welcome, everyone! I'm glad you enjoy the art. It's been fun browsing through all the stories you guys are cooking, too. :)

And Chris - take your time! I'm amazed at how generous you are already, running this site. Heck, even running a forum is a real pain in the ass (mine got hacked and I never got enough energy to reboot it, but when it was up it was like a full time job!).

MCA the perma-thread is a brilliant idea! :)

Welcome! More blood is always good. mwahahahahaaha.