Hello, I'm Aderyn. I'm new here and so I thought i'd introduce myself. I have submitted my story-blog called 'The Viscount's Son', and I'm hopeful some people might read it. I'm also interested in reading some fiction here, something with a little fantasy or magic, any suggestions? If anyone has any tips for a newcomer they'd also be appreciated. Thanks!


And, here you go - http://webfictionguide.com/fantasy/ - 23 pages of brilliant recommendations!


Howdy, Aderyn. They've got a wide selection here.


Definitely check out the genre listings and don't be afraid to check out something unrated, either.

Thanks for the help and welcomes :)

Hey Aderyn, welcome!

I had a look at The Viscount's Son (anything with "viscount" in it is an instant click for me *G*) and enjoyed what you have up so far... looking forward to seeing where you take it next!

Thanks Ellipsis :D I'm estatic that someone has read it! I'll be updating this week ;)

On another note - can someone tell me how to update my avatar here?

Welcome Aderyn! I'm a little late, but I still wanted to welcome you here. I'll definitely be sure to check your listing out. :) Best of luck with it, and enjoy!

Thanks Jacquelyn, I hope you enjoy it :)

Actually, I did quite a bit. :) I'll be sure to check back every once in a while in hopes of an update. I mentioned it in my blog, although I won't expect there to be much traffic from it. lol

Thanks for mentioning it in your blog Jacquelyn and thanks for writing the review, that absolutely made my day :D

I seem to recall the avatar is supplied by gravatar.com, which associates avatars with your email/social networking presences.

Thanks MCA it worked :)

Your welcome Aderyn, I really enjoyed it. I'm happy that I could also make your day. ;) Keep up the great work! :D