Hey, everyone! I've been lurking a while now, in large part because I've been using most of my non-writing free time to figure out the nuts and bolts of getting my web fic sites up and running, but also due to that whole awkward aversion to the internet equivalent of walking up to a group of complete strangers and saying hello. ;)

I'm Lori, and I'm a US writer (Illinois/Indiana). I had a smattering of published short stories a few years back, put writing on the back burner to help put food on the table and raise children, and have recently begun working on channeling some of my personal life back into my personal life. In the past I've written a lot of fantasy and magical realism, but my muse recently dumped me into the middle of some gunpowder/steampunk/historical fantasy world (I don't even know) and then a distant future science fantasy adventure. I've been reading up a lot on web serials (plus Netflixing "Buffy" and "Angel" in their entireties with my teens over summer break--my kind of quality bonding time), so I also wanted to incorporate my ideas with the whole serialization/episodic format. I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing, but I'm having a lot of fun with it. It's cool to see there's a whole community of people who are also having fun with it.

Now that I've got technical things running (mostly) smoothly, I'm looking forward to having more time to come at WFG from a reader's perspective. I've sneaked peeks at a lot of stories already while trying to see how typical web series are set up. (A huge thank you to everyone who provided guidance by example!) Can't wait to go back and sink my teeth into some of these!

Hello and welcome, on behalf of the newbie without any website and stuff. :)

I am quite intrigued by Stillness as it is (Gunpowder Fantasz sounds interesting) and I really like the minimalistic look. Very curious however about the update schedule. Is Stillness ready and you are just writing Graves or do you really write two at the same site?

Also: That is some quality nostalgia you are loading your kids up with. Great.^^

Powder Mage by Brian McClellan is a pretty good take on flintlock fantasy. Gunpowder is ingested to power the magic. Found it interesting.

Hi and welcome! Good luck with your serials, they sound like fun. :)

Welcome! It's good that you're having fun! If you love what you're doing it keeps you going strong. Writing out of passion is what's kept me going. There can be a lot of early drop-out when it comes to serials, especially if you set too much of a demanding schedule for yourself. If you're having fun, try to keep having fun -- don't overwhelm yourself. Finding a comfort zone and keeping motivated is really important in serials.

I'd never heard of gunpowder fantasy, despite calling what I write historical fantasy and having it mostly filled with guns. And I guess there's quite a bit of gunpowder in tank shells. Looking forward to seeing what you do!

Welcome other newbie, that's three of us in a row now. Never heard of these genres, by the power of google I will though. Good luck with your writing, it's a splendid thing to be at the helm of a story - I hope yours goes awesomely.

Welcome! Looking forward to seeing your contributions!

@Tintenteufel: Stillness is already complete, yes. I'm crazy, but not quite crazy enough to set up that ambitious an update schedule right out of the gate. ;)

@Tempest: Yes! I wasn't sure when I started Stillness if there'd even be a market for it, so I poked around, and McClellan was one of the authors I turned up. I made myself write my first draft before I actually read any of his (or other) stuff, because I didn't want to accidentally soak up too much outside influence at that stage. But later I went back and read a few gunpowder/flintlock fantasies. I also enjoyed D. B. Jackson's Thieftaker Chronicles, which is set during the American Revolutionary period but with a fantasy twist.

@Dennis: Honestly, my usual writing cycle involves manic passion for my stories one week, a "meh" week the next, the overwhelming desire to quit the third, and then an upswing where I dig in and get back to work while rediscovering that I do love writing after all. I've been through enough of the cycles by now that I've trained myself to slog through that third week of utter certainty that I will forever suck as an author until I break through to the upswing again. So yeah, I'm right there with you on making sure to find a comfort zone. ;)

Gunpowder, tank shells, and magic. No, that doesn't sound like a recipe for (delicious) disaster. ;)

@Everyone: Thanks for all the warm welcomes!

With it being a new-ish genre, there is a lot of wiggle room in the conventions. Most that are set in this world seem to be considered historical, alternate history, and urban. But it's got the freedom there to find your own way.

I found McClellan interesting because it's been rare to find a fantasy that isnt set in this world yet still has advanced beyond medieval technology, or all their tech is founded on magic. Its nice to see that is changing.

Yeah, I love it when authors push boundaries and break "rules" of genre. Django Wexler's The Thousand Names was another one set in a secondary world but mixing muskets, swords, and sorcery. I haven't had time to read the rest of that series yet, but I highly recommend it.

I actually read the first book. It did have the mix but there was something that put me off. And I can't put my finger on it.