Help me hit #1 dudes!!!

Hey guys,

I'm running a 5 day free promo on book one my series on amazon. It's currently #2 in the free store under superheroes. Just need a few more downloads for #1.

If you want to help out, you can download a copy for free here!

Thanks much guys!

E kirk of Team Contract

We did it! ^_^

Way to go!

Nice. I downloaded it, but from the Canadian store. You're still at #2 there.

Thanks Madness! Appreciate it. :D Things are still looking strong today so maybe I'll eventually get there.

Downloaded it! Hope it helps :) (looking forward to reading it too!) Congrats, that is a really exciting thing to do! Any chance you have been logging your launch plan? I would be very interested to see some insight on this :)


Thanks man! Appreciate it! ^^

You can follow what I did here.

Keep us updated on what your trailing read throughs look like compared to what you expected!


Will do. I was hoping for a 10% read through rate, but folks who have done these before said to expect more like 2%! I'll have to wait a matter of weeks after the promo is over to gauge the results, but for now I have at least 5 people who have bought books 2 to 4 outright. So that's something at least. I hope I get more of those!

Yeah I was going to say that 10% was a bit ambitious... Keep us posted though!

@Team Contract

That is a very interesting and helpful thread, thank you!