Help me out a little?

I just got a message from one of my Wattpad readers who tried to migrate over to my personal site that it's not allowing her to leave comments. The site's been up for over a month now and I haven't received a single comment, despite having had a decent number of visitors. I'm wondering if something's preventing them all from commenting like it was this one reader. If you don't mind, could you go to my site (link in my signature) and try to leave a comment, and then tell me whether or not it let you?

I was able to leave a comment -- however, the plugin you use for comments requires that you connect to your Facebook or Google account first. There could be a number of reasons why someone can't leave a comment:

- they can't load the plugin (their browser blocks it, for example)

- the plugin is incompatible with another browser plugin (i.e., a different comment plugin and they're stepping all over each other

- they don't have a FB or Google account

Those are just off the top of my head.

By leaving a comment, do you mean in the "Contact me". I don't see anywhere else to leave a comment.

Never mind ..I see under your book chapters.

I tried to leave a comment under chapter 1 of Staying Human using my google account. to do that I had to sign away my privacy to powr. I don't like that and almost didn't leave the comment but I ignored my misgivings and did it just for the experiment's sake. And after all that, I don't see the comment so I don't think it worked.

My guess is it is too much trouble and privacy invasion for even dedicated readers to leave comments so they don't. Frankly, I wouldn't and I comment everywhere.

I was about to leave one too, but then it asked for Farcebook/Google login, so yeah but no.

The comment box also took a while to actually load. Definitely looks like something easily blockable.

Hmm... maybe. I've been thinking about putting Disqus comments on there, but I haven't been able to figure out the coding.

Fiona, click one of the stories, click one of the chapters, and then go to the bottom of the page. Right underneath "Tell me what you think!" should be a box to leave comments in.

Also, Ubersoft, what page did you comment on? The overview is still telling me I have no comments.

Comment is here:!propeace1/y8b0h

I can see it -- it says "Testing!" and there's a picture of me and my glorious hat.

Yeah, my google account is actually my "real" email so I don't like leaving that all over the place. I also don't like logging into facebook because I try to keep my fb as private as possible. Sometimes this kind of thing actually posts something on my facebook page without my knowledge. So I dislike both those options.

I'm OK with Disqus and Wordpress comments because I use a "junk" email account to log into them.

I see ubersoft's comment.

The hat is glorious, no?

It is ze best hat

I use Disqus. It's really convenient.

Any comment strategy has pros and cons. I chose disqus because it requires minimal maintenance and it's convenient for readers that keep up with several serials (that use Disqus).