Help with website and My novel

Hey guys, im starting to write my serial and I was looking at the submissions page and I need the basic navigation but since im new to wordpress I need to contact them (as they asked) but the contact link wasn't working on that page for some reason can someone link me the contact info and such?

Thanks and here is my novel if you want to check it out (just starting up)

Not sure who you're trying to contact, but you don't need to contact anyone to add navigation to your site.

Just create a page called Table of Contents, then add links to all your currently-posted chapters. Get in the habit of updating your TOC whenever you do another post.

You're also going to want to put "Next Chapter" and "Previous Chapter" links at the bottom of your page. Just write those words at the end of your post and link to the previous and next chapters. The formatting's going to be a little wonky. I personally just write the next and previous chapter links on separate lines. I left justify the "Previous Chapter" link, right justify the "Next Chapter" link.

(Not sure but I think I've seen Wordpressers put next and previous chapter links on same line, but they're justified on opposite ends of the page? That looks nice. If anyone here knows how to do that, please let me know!)

It's a little clunky, but unfortunately there's no better way to do it on Wordpress (unless things have changed recently, in which case someone shuld feel free to chime in).

There are easier ways, but I think they require you to host your own site. I have a php template I insert at the end of every page. That way, if I want to change formatting, I only have to alter the one file, not four hundred of then...