Helping new writers - tips

as some of you already know, i've been busy setting up a new fiction publication here in South Africa recently. the foundations are just about complete and first publishing date is tentatively set for begin september... Local fiction doesn't get much exposure here. In fact, other than a few very small and almost non-existent publications, there is only one weekly magazine publishing short stories in the whole country. and it doesn't even have literary pretensions :P

i've set up a blog as a temporary website and i'd like to direct a few WFG members to the Writing Tips section. i've attempted to put together a basic 'how to' course for beginner writers, although i've also heard it said that no-one can really teach you how to write - you either can or you can't... that aside, hopefully it not only gives aspiring writers a few useful tools, but encouragement too.

i would really appreciate some feedback from the writers here:

1) have i missed something huge? i know creative writing is a large topic, but i want to at least cover all the basics.

2) is any point incomplete and would it be more helpful if it were expanded upon?

3) is any point completely superfluous or inaccurate?

4) in general, do you think it may be helpful to writers - esp. the newbies?

comments welcome here or on the blog :)

Fiction Bitz

Well, my only comment is that it has all been said before on other writing sites. There's nothing new or different there to attract readers.

thanks for your feedback, merfab and taking the time to go through it...

the question is not whether it will attract readers as the writing tips section is not the main part of the site. it's more for the people who want to write and want to submit stories to the publication but don't have a grasp on the basics of writing yet.

i just want to be sure _i've_ put the basics in words correctly! lol. i don't pretend to be a literary giant or to have all the answers. i wrote the writing tips out of my head from the bits and pieces i've picked up over the years and if you say 'it's all been said before', then i think at least one aim has been achieved.

is it easy to read and understand though? i think so, but then i wrote it :P