Hey, has anyone ever used this before?

Blogs on Kindle.

I found out about this while shopping on Amazon, and seeing a blog just sitting there, on a page. I decided to Google how to get a blog on there, and this is what I found. Just a couple of questions:

1. Have you used this to get your serial on Amazon while it was running?

2. Did you get in any trouble for doing it? Because Amazon is a wildcard in terms of what pisses them off.


Fascinating. How does this even work? How does one 'sell a blog' anyway?

Reading about it here:


Still a bit confused. Is Amazon/Kindle really just paying for duplicated content that's viewable on Kindle? Kind of strange if that's so, since any Android tablet's fully net-enabled and gets it all for free. How is this competitive? If it's for exclusively, seems to me most would just go 'meh' in terms of market share and exposure.

- Carlo Marco

It's also available on the Kindle e-readers, which, while browser enabled, are a hassel to deal with and don't even render a lot of web pages correctly/at all without crashing.

I have, but no one has bought a subscription yet. Which is fine because I have the same questions as anyone else--why pay for freely available content?

Paying for free content works when the preferred consumption medium is different. So Curveball is free (so is Pay Me, Bug! for that matter) but people who prefer reading ebooks to browsing websites still buy individual issues of Curveball and the full novel of PMB!

But if you're someone who is already willing to browse the web, then there's no reason to pay for AmazonBlog when you can browse to ActualBlog... unless you're unwilling to use anything other than a Kindle to do anything.