Hi all;

Recently joined up and am looking forward to reading a whole lot of the webfiction on offer here. Now need to work out just which to start with.

I'm also a bit of a scribbler who plans to put in an application soon, just as soon as I figure out what to put in it. While I have been writing for a long while, I've only just started webfiction. My preferred style is short fiction, though it does range over a variety of genres within the SFF category. I don't actually have a single series or a serial, but currently a couple of stand alone stories and nine stories spread over three different series, with more stories and series ready to be added. I hope to start up a proper serial soon as well. Its a bit all over the shop, which does make categorising it a little difficult...:)

Welcome to the madness Qorvus, we greet you kindly. Have fun reading, and have fun writing.

Hi there! Hope you enjoy yourself. What I tend to do if I'm looking for stories to read here is to go through the tags and see what's being categorized as what and check those out first. The War and Military tags in particular are where I tend to go every so often, since those are my main interests, but I also check LGBT related tags, since that's also a big interest of mine.

Try and have a few chapters good to go before you submit. I'm learning this the hard way. I've heard people say you'll want at least ten.

Hi and welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay here.

T4nky said:

Try and have a few chapters good to go before you submit. I'm learning this the hard way. I've heard people say you'll want at least ten.

I had sixteen chapters as a backlog before I started, I think. I moved in the very early stages and was in University after the first few weeks, and I worked my ass off to maintain the backlog of about fourteen chapters. Exams and major projects occasionally took priority.

The real killer, in the end, was holidays. The Christmas holidays were just... oof. Every time they roll around (or when there's some family stuff going on in Summer), I just suffer. Six months into the writing, those sixteen chapters were just gone. I tried for a bit to get a backlog up and running, but it just didn't take. Required too much investment. Super vital though - they let me weather the initial rough patches and figure out how to write and write consistently. I haven't missed a Tuesday/Saturday update with my twice-weekly schedule since I started midway through 2011.

The secondary benefit was that I was able to take those first sixteen chapters and I could look at how many I was putting out and how long they were, how hard it was to write, and I could gauge a good schedule for myself. That was probably the most important part of it. Figuring out my expectations for myself.

Backlog. Make one before committing.

My backlog is some 40 odd story (and rising) totalling at last count 350,000 words. Hopefully that is enough of a backlog for a while :)

I do have a couple of questions about listing if anyone has some suggestions.

Are they easy to change/update later on? So far most of the works I've posted are fantasy, but that will expand at some point to include space opera, comedic SF, urban fantasy, cyberpunk and steampunk. No point listing them yet as they aren't on the site, but they will be.

The other is, should I just list the site as a whole, or should I go for listing for a number of series. The two main series at the moment are being released, one of 8 stories (and 60,000 words) and the other of 16 (so far, 8 more in progress) of 160,000 words to date. And later on I am going to add a proper serial to the site, not just a collection of short fiction.

Thanks :)