Hiatus -- Gavin Williams

Just so everyone knows, I'm taking a step back from writing and hanging out here for a bit. My family has been dealing with a lot of stuff and just survived the flu but on top of all the usual "5 kids, work, life" stuff my aunt has cancer and I'm a big part of her support system. So far I haven't had to drop everything and go there but it could happen and I can't be relied on to create any kind of writing schedule under these circumstances.

I will return when I'm able and hopefully people will be glad to see me. Until then, it's been a privilege.

Be well, Gavin... we'll be thinking of you.

I'll be looking forward to your return, Gavin. You're one of my favorite WFGers so you most definitely won't be forgotten in the meantime.

I hope you'll keep writing - not necessarily to meet a schedule, but because you're a writer. It's too easy to let frustration with circumstance become frustration with yourself over your writing. Find some moments, perhaps, to sit down and pen something out. Keep those tools in use so they don't get too rusty.

Best wishes, Gavin.

I'll look forward to the end of your hiatus. I know how these things go. At one point I was in grad school, working part time for a non-profit, working part time as a computer consultant, and had two kids under the age of five.

Strangely, that pretty much killed my writing time for a few years.

Fortunately, things change.

Take care, Gavin.

Hope it's not too long before we see your return.

Gavin - best wishes with everything going on.

Good luck to you Gavin. I'm new here but I know what it's like to have a family member with cancer -- my mom is a liver cancer survivor for two years now. Just know that these sort of big events happen all at once, and there is good weather at the end of the storm too. Hang in there!