Hit a Visitor Count Slump?

Don't panic; it's finals/pre-graduation time for many of them. They're busy consuming their weight in caffeine and studying furiously. They'll be back after the storm passes and they get some sleep, I'm sure.

I've been seeing a slump too! Finals time? Yes, from what I remember that would certainly cause an end to recreational reading. Also, I've noticed a drop-off when there are big stories in the news.

Actually, my problem is a ratings plateau. I've reached a daily peak, and can't seem to move past it. =^/

Hmmm, I tend to have a steady plateau average, but I've been noticing it either peaks a bit higher or crashes, especially at the beginning of the week. :(

I'd be interested in hearing how people built their audiences. Where did you advertise, etc?


I (well, we--I have a friend who's helping) actually paid for advertising using Project Wonderful on girlgeniusonline.com (the comic) for Arcadia Snips. It turned out pretty well--got a big burst of interest (though not enough, it seems!). Of course, if you don't have money to burn for advertising (at the time, we did), that's probably not a very viable solution.

Other possibilities--get involved with writing communities. Advertise in your signature there. Promote yourself openly anywhere where it's allowed.

I had a YA book, and I pretty much used myspace to spam people. I got a bot and sent out friend requests to the friend lists of Stephenie Meyer, Richelle Meade, and Holly Black.

Surprisingly, people (i.e. teenage girls) were not at all put off by this, and my myspace page was instantly flooded with badly spelled praise and OMGs. It was fun while it lasted, but myspace is pretty much dead now, and facebook is very good at not actually allowing you to spam people.

Still, my myspace page allowed me to network. A girl who ran a Twilight fansite really dug my book and interviewed me. That interview got posted to a really big Twilight fansite, and I got tons of hate mail from people who thought that my stuff didn't hold a candle to the immortal words of Stephenie Meyer. But it's all exposure, right? At least one person found me from that bellaandedward.com cross post and wrote me a really sweet comment that I'll always treasure.