Hmmm....It seems I forgot how to write for a bit here.

Exactly waht it says on the tin. I've taken a bit of a break from updating my serial to go back and rewrite/edit some of the rougher patches (especially since I have a better sense of the characters) and I've come across some truly horrendous prose. Some of these require multiple reads, just to figure out my meaning. Has anyone else had similar "Wow, that's brutal!" moments when editing their own stuff?

Sayer --

Yes. As a matter of fact, any time I read any earlier chapters of my serial, I find something else I don't particularly like grammatical/wording-wise and change it accordingly.

This is a good sign, though. It means you're evolving as a writer and are able to critique your own stuff. Sometimes, when you first write something, it's hard to see the flaws until you return to it later.

Indeed. Though my evolution is clearly not complete (since I speld "what" wrog en mi previus powst) ;)

My first 13 chapters were thrown together from a version I'd written 3 years previously (I wasn't really taking it seriously at the time). After that I started revising things more and more, until eventually I was just using the basic plot and writing everything from scratch. And it shows: the first 25 chapters covered what were just 15 chapters previous. It's taken another 75 to cover the 15 that followed that. The arc I just spent 18 chapters on (enough material for a novel) was, in the 2006/7 draft, a single chapter.

Wow, that's a lot of rewriting/expansion! One chapter to eighteen has to be some kind of record!