I don't want to use blogger for my next serial. Any host suggestions?


Thanks! Once I learn HTML and get a better job, I'll do it myself. But that won't be for at least another year, so...

I self-host Wordpress, and I love it. I can customise as much (or as little) as I want. :) You can usually find fairly cheap hosts around, and it's really easy to get it up and running.

Well, my hosting budget is about... $0.01 per year... so it'll be hard to find something that cheap. But it's okay, I found a theme on that fits the new story perfectly, and the fonts are nice, too.

My BF uses for one of his sites. Quite likes it.

Agree with Mel re: the awesomeness of self-hosting Wordpress. I'm with Dreamhost, and the first domain with them was free, and hosting is, I think, about US$20 a year. Possibly even less than that. They also have a one-click install of Wordpress, which makes it basically as easy as, but as you get more comfortable with the code, you can start customising. I have low-mid code savvy, and I very quickly found the environment annoyingly constrained. On the other hand I've heard there are quite good network benefits to hosting with (referrals through the ecosystem).

I am a statistical deviation. :D

I use Drupal. Drupal has a number of advantages from an indexing standpoint -- you can do things like create relationships between different "sets" of posts that makes it possible to create pretty functional indexes, archives, etc. for different types of content -- you can have them all on the same site and still keep them relatively separate. WordPress can also do this but I think you need paid modules for this.

Anyway, Drupal is really good at that. The trade off is it's a pain in the ass to learn, and it's a lot harder to theme, and WordPress users like Chris Poirier (i.e., people who can code) can probably do most of what I do with WordPress anyway. AND it's a lot heavier on database usage, which is why I use for my hosting. Prgmr gives me a virtual server with dedicated bandwidth and CPU resources that's a bit more responsive than shared services like DreamHost. It's also cheaper than DreamHost's dedicated virtual service options, but that's because you have to install and maintain everything yourself, which is *also* sort of a pain in the ass.

Anyway, if your needs aren't that complicated, or if your needs are complicated but you're good at hacking PHP, WordPress is probably a better/faster choice. But if you're willing to spend some time getting up to speed Drupal can do a lot of nifty stuff.

I'd do self-hosted Wordpress for a serious serial venture if I could still afford to pay for hosting. But the free option on Blogger seemed to allow me more customisation, paradoxically.

I started with blogspot but grew so mad at the interface, I did a test evacuation to

Every time I used the Blogger/blogspot formatting tools I ended up with headers that I couldn't fix, changing background colors, and stupid things that in the raw html editor that required a lot of time to clean up.

After moving to this month, I have picked up quite a few new followers and random "likes" on posts. Traffic is definitely up. Perhaps the Google+/Blogger space isn't working right... but this is is working far better in terms of finding new readers for the blog.

The tag traffic for serials isn't super high on but it exists. As such, I kind of wish now I had started the serial on the *.com before moving it to a self-hosted installation.

If it came down to it, I would push over blogger. I just think that the social component backend makes it worth it. That and cleaner HTML coding.

Glad you found a theme you like alex5927! Wordpress has a good number to choose from and you can make enough little changes to personalize it just enough. There are occasionally little things Wordpress doesn't let you do, or at least doesn't make at all easy for you to do if you're not paying, but over all I've really been pleased with it, and two other people in my family also use wordpress and have been very happy with it as well.

:cough cough: points down.

Some of the other suggestions here are probably very good, especially if you wish to maintain a close tie with other web fictions. (After all, if your stories are hosted someplace specifically for web fiction, it is likely to be found by someone looking for fan fiction.)

But in the interest of providing multiple alternatives, I'll mention the place where I have two different websites, one for my own fiction and one for Transformers toy reviews. That place is Weebly ( and I quite like what I've been able to do there. If you wish to see an example for yourself (and indulge me in some shameless self promotion) you can click on the link in my signature to see my fiction's website.

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dual war, brand new account, no reviews, web dev listed as your profession... sounds a little spammy.

Yeah, It does sound a little spammy. Especially considering he is "her to know about making a website for my personal use" which has little to do with web fiction :|