How Are Your Facebook Pages Working?

I saw in another topic that lots of folks are starting Facebook fan pages. That's on my (infinite) to-do list. How is Facebook panning out for you? Are you getting any new readers? Also, two specific questions: (1) Which seems to work better, a single fan page for you as author or fan page for each serial? (2) What kind of posts work the best: announcements with links to new chapters, copy the entire episode to the fan page, posts on other topics, cute kitten pix...

My Facebook fan page has really changed the game for me. You should do it as soon as possible. I set up one, an author page, as opposed to one for each story. I like to mix up my posts between links to the stories and more laid back, fun posts. Make sure to network with other writer's pages. We're all in this together.

I have both an author page and a Hobson & Choi page, but haven't really done much in the way of extending the posts or networking. I gotta get going on that. Have started by rebranding the page from "Nick Bryan Dot Com" to "Nick Bryan Writes", simply because naming it after the blog sounded weird.

I definitely don't think posting whole chapters to the fan page is the way to go though. Quite aside from not driving traffic to your own site, it'd be very hard to read in that format.

Thanks for the thoughts. Yeah, I didn't really like the idea of posting whole chapters either but I'd heard that some people don't want to do anything off of Facebook, so I thought I should at least check.

I think that some people dislike clicking away from Facebook because you never know when you're clicking onto a bad site (one with popups, viruses, etc).