How do I add a banner to the voting rankings?

I see a good many banners showing up on the voting site, but I can't seem to find any information anywhere on how one puts up a banner there.


Chris adds banners to each webserial by hand, I believe. Only the top 15 serials' banners will show up, but you only have to submit the banner to him once and he's usually pretty good about keeping on top of it.

The method I used was to email my banner to [email protected] with the subject line "TopWebFiction Banner"

Make sure the banner is PG-rated, non-animated, and 468x60 in size.

I was waiting for someone to answer this, too. Thanks, Maddirose!

Though, apparently I'm not that good at keeping on top of these forums. :| Very busy couple of weeks.

Anyway, @Maddirose covered the answer already. Only other guideline I'll add is that the banner should include no review quotes.