How do I add a Paypal button?

So, I'm trying to add a paypal donations button into my wordpress sites, but for some reason the site won't let me add it. I'm pasting the page into a text box, but nothing happens, and when I save the changes, a bunch of the HTML I paste in randomly disappears. Can anyone help?

I could be wrong, but a few months back I heard that Paypal is changing their policy and doesn't allow new donation links to be added (at least not for people who don't run a business). I've no idea if this is still true (if it ever was), and I hope it isn't.

You could set up a Patreon account instead if it really doesn't work. For me, 75% of donations came from Patreon.

My site is fairly new and it allowed me to add and create a donation button. There was a article I used to help, which I can't seem to find anymore. I do believe I have it bookmarked on my laptop at home. If the question hasn't been answered since then, I'll gladly post the link.

Thanks Emma, that's good to know. I'm glad it was just some rumor.

I think you're misuderstanding my problem. The button simply can't be added. I try pasting in the html text and it isn't showing up on my site.

Have you tried looking into plugins?

T4nky - go to widgets, add an image, give it a title, url should direct to the image itself, add alternate text if you want it, specify alignment, width and height, (left, 75, 75 for my Patreon & left, 74, 21 for my Paypal), then for link URL, give the link that you get when you set up the button on Paypal.

If I remember correctly for the link you add it's the email option not the website one. For some reason, wordpress won't accept the website link.

This is the website that I used to add the button to my site.

As an aside, having dealt with PayPal (in person! I actually talked to a human being at PayPal!), their policy is specifically that the button or the word "Donation" is only acceptable if you are a registered charity.


You CAN use the buttons and verbiage that say things like "Support", "Contribute", etc. PayPal's policy is just a gigantic stickler about the use of the word 'Donation'. Don't use 'Donate'. Use 'Support'. Then PayPal is happy and has no reason to yank your account. (Which they WILL DO if you're using 'Donate', if it comes to their attention.)

So, how do you change the words on it to say something that doesn't offend Paypal's sensibilities?

That I can't help with... Sorry.

Swap in a different image, draw your own, put different words in it.

If you're going to draw your own, can you tie it into NIU? :D

(Really off-topic, t4nky, but I remember saying once that the full 'Nowhere Island University' was a mouthful. I haven't changed my mind on that, but NIU really rolls off the tongue! Just a totally unsolicited reader's opinion, but a positive one!)

t4nky, it's tough to find, but PayPal does in fact have buttons for this. You can just grab the one off of From Winter's Ashes if you like, or heck, roll your own like Wildbow suggests. That'd be pretty neat if you've got the art talent!