How do I get the feed working?

Hi. This is likely addressed elsewhere, but I couldn't find it. How do I get my serial into the feed system on the WFG main site?

And with that said, I'm using wordpress and I'd have to use a blogroll filtered by Category to get just the serial entries.

Thanks. Feel free to email me at [email protected] if there is a how-to.

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I forgot how I did it but you need RSS feed to be visible on your page. On your submission area add the RSS feed link to stated area. The feed should be up and running in a few days.

As far as I remember, WP generates an automatic feed. Just add /feed to your serial site address.

For instance, mine is

Then you can add that address to your WFG serial page as your feed, worked for me.

Hm. Poop. 200 bucks to make it work the way I want it to work (RSS by category requires a plugin which requires an account upgrade) Since I make exactly zero dollars off this thing, that's how much I'm currently able to invest so I guess the feed will have to have my other junk in it. Meh. Site design. Never my strong suit.

Thanks for the top about the feed in wp, @chrysalis and congrats on your milestone!

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I don't know about by category, but there might be a way to specify it by header? All of my Time & Tied posts start with TT, whereas my Epsilon Stories start with a number, and (to my knowledge) there hasn't been any bleedthrough. In fact, checking now, the "Latest Updates" for T&T doesn't include my "Plot Voting" post, which went up between TT4.96a and TT4.96b.

I couldn't tell you how I managed it though, because I don't remember... it's even possible that this is something Chris P put together on the coding end (I recall him mailing me when I put in for a different serial on the same site). Maybe someone else has more detailed information.

@ScreamingCandle I've set up your WFG feed so it only shows entries prefixed by /The Strange -/

That should provide the desired effect without spending $200 ;-)

@mathtans Your feed for Time and Tied is set up so it only shows entries prefixed by /TT/

Thanks! That's awesome. I knew my OCD with those post names would come in handy some day. :)

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@Fiona: Thanks for confirming my suspicions. Is that something set up at your end, or can it be incorporated into the feed tag when registering? I mainly ask because, should I actually end up writing the sequel "Time Untied", the plan is to preface all related posts with "TU".

@mathtans Your feed for Time and Tied is currently set up like this:


So if you request a new listing for Time Untied, you could submit the feed like this: