How do I remove a listing?

Hi WF gurus,

I need to remove the listing for All's Fair in Love & War. How can I do that?



Hi Amber,

We don't remove listings. If the site is no longer available online, we can update the listing to indicate that, and the listing will no longer appear in the indices.


Sorry to keep reviving old threads, but I'm trying to get up to speed on this site. Is this a written, deliberately articulated policy or just a matter of not having come up? I'm curious to hear the reasoning.

It is an official policy, that's been around pretty much from the beginning -- and it's mentioned in the Final Points on the submissions page.

We'll archive listings that go away (ie. they won't show up in the lists, but the page still exists), and we'll remove author-supplied text if they request it, but we don't delete them outright. The reason is simple: the listing is communal property. People bookmark them and interact with them. They add their own comments through reviews. Those things don't belong to the author of the story, they belong to the members of WFG.

That's the general reasoning. But, since you asked, I'll give you a bit more history. :-) The policy originally came about because some authors seem to think readers shouldn't be able to post unfavourable reviews of their work, and when they get one, they often demand the listing be deleted -- often backed with threats of legal action -- as a way of getting rid of the review. It's happened about a dozen times, over the years. Well, that's not something we do. If our editors or readers put time and effort into a fair and honest review, we won't delete it. And, as those reviews need context, the listing has to stay, too.