How do I switch the link to my story?

Hello there!

I am a new author and totally unused to the working of this site. When I first applied for a listing here, I didn't have a wordpress. But in middle of the wait for it to get approved, I got one. Now, the problem is how do I switch the provided links to the new site? DO I have to go through the application process again?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

You would have to go through the resubmission process. If you go to the page with applications, you should see past submissions. Select the one you've already submitted, change the details needed, and resubmit. Be aware that it puts you at the tail end of the queue for applications, and takes a while - any further changes will kick you back the metaphorical end of the line.

Thanks for the answer Wildbow!(I am mildly hyperventilating since I am sort of your fan and the first reply was...I digress.)

Does that mean I get kicked out of TopWebFictions list too?

I don't think your entry will disappear in the meantime - it'll just get updated when the new submission pops up. But if your story hasn't yet made it through the queue, it will lose its place in line as I described above.

If you're willing to instead edit where you linked... say, putting a notice at the top of the old location stating "this site has moved to..." then you can just trust that until the app process is complete.

After you're approved, then you can edit to your heart's content without losing your place in the line. Including a new link.

@Wildbow @TanaNari

My fiction has been approved already. So that means I can edit it, right?

Yeah. I've done it a couple times, myself.