How do you change your forum avatar?

I've looked around but I can't find the butto to do this. How exactly do you change your forum avatar photo?

I feel like it's pulled from Gravatar or something...? Off of WordPress. It's been a while since I did it, so that's just me guessing.

Mine is Gravatar.

The forum uses the avatar associated with your WFG email address in Gravatar.

Yeah, it's Gravatar. Recently changed mine, and that's how it changed on here.

Just asking for a - uh... friend, but the main WFG site uses Gravatar too, right?


Alright, then it's just slower to pull it than the forums are. I'll go let my friend know. Thanks, Chris!

Awesome, I'd been wondering that myself...

Everyone suddenly looks a lot more colourful!

Soooo... Just out of curiosity for my friend - who I swear is a real person and not a cover for me being totally confused - how long does the main WFG page take to pull a Gravatar? Stable's seems to have updated right away.

Should be pretty quick. Are you sure you(r friend) set it for the right email?