How do you find readers?

Okay, so, my Sims stories have a large audience. I figure, based on the number of times the last chapter of Valley has been viewed, that it's had at least 1000 readers and maybe more.

My new project is full text, so I can't advertise it in as many places around the Sims community and it doesn't get as much attention. And I am addicted to clicks and comments and I'm going into withdrawal. ;)

And yes, I've submitted 10 here and am hoping it'll be approved and I'll get a few more clicks that way.

I'm an old pro at getting my stories out there in the Sims community, but with full text I'm a noob. So I thought I'd ask for insight from the old pros in this community. :)

Were I you, I'd put a link right at the end of your other Sims stories. Something like, "More stories by me? Click here."

I got most of my readers through myspace, which is currently a graveyard. Facebook is similar, but doesn't seem to work as well at marketing for me.

When I was just starting Eikasia, I didn't get a steady stream of clicks from any one thing. I got them from a bunch of sources, some of which I had to pay for.

Project Wonderful can be good if you advertise on related webcomics with moderate to high-traffic. I also participated in banner exchange programs like nuts. I submitted to every relevant link directory I could find. I also updated every profile I ever had online to include a link to my story. I also put the link in my email and forum signatures. For the latter, I heard that naming your link something like "My online story" (like I did below) makes it easier for it to turn up in searches involving those terms.

Networking with those who make their writing available in a similar way is an obviously good thing, too. These past few months have made it harder for me, but when I first started writing Eikasia, I was getting involved with weblit/webfic community affairs whenever I could. You form relationships with others who sympathize with your struggles, and help you when they can--provided that you're kind enough to return the favor. Direct link trades from people outside the community are nice too, if you can find willing affiliates with decent traffic. (I have two or three affiliates and I get clicks from them every month)

Underestimated ways of getting readers, and thereby getting comments, is pimping your work to your friends and family. I earned a number of my readers through their word-of-mouth.

Get involved with another online writing community. One place in particular is used to post there all the time and it has alot of great people who not only will show interest in your work, but help you too.

Now that I have two complete stories finished in my series, I was able to add to and which give me tons of visitors every week now.

And...those are all the things I can rattle off the top of my head. Does that help?