How do you practice?

When not working on your main storyline, or in your down time, writers block or whatever how exactly do you practice and improve?

Personally if you actually look at my Deviant Art account you'll notice I started posting short stories with brief conceptual design. NOne are very long just enough to describe scene and situation. I only actuallly finished a single one.

Im just curious what types of excersises do you do to put yourself through the ringer?

Honestly, my chapters are my practice. I've got a plot outline for one story (AEOL) and a vague idea of where I'm going in the other (Superstition). I don't tend to suffer from writer's block (which I'm sure I just jinxed). I write as I go, and hopefully I get better.

I keep a personal journal to make sure I write every day, rain or shine, and try to fit in fifteen minutes freewriting every day. I don't actually keep up with it well, but it's a nice creative outlet to have. The rule is to sit down, write for fifteen minutes, and be done. I've had some great story ideas come out of it.

I'm a creative writing major, so I get plenty of practice from my workshops.

As for writer's block, I smack my head against the wall until something falls out or I lose consciousness. Either way, problem solved!

When not writing the actual stories, I do spend an inordinate amount of time either replying to emails or posting comments in character as Lord Likely, which does mean I'm constantly in a state of practicing and honing his style all the time.

I just hope I don't start dressing up like him in the real world, or something. Things could get weird.

Unfortunately I don't practice and improve my writing style... I use to write sporadically in one or another competition in with a given prompt, but those are just circumstantial.

I DO practice my plot and my description skills with the campaigns I set for rpg sessions that I run though.

I don't have a set schedule of things to do, but for the time being, proofreading EJ's Children of the Halo gives me a lot of practice. I'm really not sure of who's actually getting the biggest benefits from this arrangement :P

Wow I'm such a Noob. I should practice more. hehe.

I think I'll try some of all your methods, maybe It'll help me as well! Thanks for all the interesting insight!

There are many, many different ways to practice. For me it was fanfiction and forum-based role-playing that tightened the skills up.