How do you setup a Table of Contents?

So, was about to put a submission in the pages here, but one of the requirements is having a nice table of contents. I can understand why, course.

The question, however, is: What is an adequate ToC, what is a good one, and how do I get such on my page? Running the newest update of Wordpress.

The easier to manage, the better. So setup can be harder as an expense for making it easier or even automatic. I myself want it to run off Categories (I put all my stories into their own Categories), placing the stories in order from beginning to end, or in other words, eldest entries first.

Any aid well appreciated.

Not sure how it works in WordPress. Drupal has a "book" category, and when you create content in that category, you assign it to a specific book and it automatically builds a table of contents based on the title of each node.

I suspect WP does something similar.

Looks like there's a plugin for a ToC on WP. Probably same if you want a "word cloud" for categories.

I do mine manually (in WP) so I'm probably not what you're looking for, but in case anyone else is, or sees some optimization:

Instead of it being a "post" (which I grant I do for individual books) I have mine be a "page" (linked to from the menu). In fact I use three pages, one for "Time & Tied", one for "Epsilon" and one for all the "author aside" commentaries. Within a day or so (or even an hour) of publishing, I click on the necessary page to edit it, add in the new link (easy in WP, it's the first listed option since it's the latest post), jot in a one sentence summary, update the "day of next publishing" at the bottom, and save. Takes, like, 10 seconds, but of course does require me to be online to do it.

In terms of the classifications, I'd say an "adequate" Table of Contents is one that lists all the parts (1, 2, 3...). A "good" Table of Contents includes at least one of : titles, dates, or an idea of events so that if a reader returns after being away on vacation, they'll be able to look at the ToC and go "ahh, okay, I left off on Part 17". Which might not be something you can automate, but what do I know.

oh hrm, I don't have TOC for Edally. Shh, don't tell anyone.

For Addergoole, I have: which involves the "Widgets on Pages" plugin and the "Visual Categories" plugin.

You only need a table of contents for us if you are writing a short story collection. For other submission types, you just need to make sure the pages are linked together, and we list the first page.

When I was using I used a URL that listed the posts in a category in chronological order:

Of course, it depends on how your theme presents the posts. I had a quick look, and:

Presents the episodes in chronological order, but displays the entire post (useful for presenting the entire story on one page, but not for a table of contents).

On Jekyll the TOC is generated programmatically so that I don't have to remember to update it. Being able to automate things is one of the reasons I moved back to Jekyll.

I use WordPress - a couple of plugins will get you a TOC like this:

* List category posts

* Rich Text Tags, Categories, and Taxonomies