How easy is my website to navigate?

Probably at this point, since I'm on the last book of the series, it's a little late to be worrying about navigation...not because I'm convinced it's perfect but more because I feel if there's something wrong with it, I should have fixed it a looooong time ago. But lately I've been easy is it to navigate the website. More specifically, if you're on a chapter, how easy is it to find the button for the next chapter? Here's a link to the first chapter,

Is it obvious where the button for the next chapter is....or really easy to miss?

If someone could just spare me a minute to check it out and let me know, I would super appreciate it.

It's a bit tricky.

I tend to find the 'related' links at the bottom only muddle things, and the actual 'next chapter' link is sorta small and easy to miss. Easier to just go to the top of the page and find the link more visible there.

What I do personally is just put the links into the text of the post itself. Doesn't require any fancy formatting, just have to remember to edit it in after each chapter goes live.

I agree on the 'Related' links. If your theme doesn't allow you to put the 'next chapter' link above that (and the social media links as well) then I strongly second the suggestion to include a link at the bottom of the actual text (manually enter it when you write the post/make the page)

I couldn't really find the next chapter link except for the little one at the top of the post. A big "NEXT" link at the bottom of the text would help. Try formatting it as "header 1" or "header 2" type text. That's really big and nearly impossible to miss (on most themes i've looked at anyway).