how long does it take to get reviewed?

I put my story, Juryokine, on the review list on April 25th. I was just wondering, how long does it typically take for a story to get reviewed? I'm not getting impatient, I'm just curious.

For a while, I made a habit of reviewing two or three new stories every week, but then I got lazy. I imagine the newbies would be grateful for that if they knew- I have high standards in my reviews, and (I believe rightfully) don't hesitate to tear down shoddy stories.

As it stands... it can take a while, to get a review- months, often as not. The higher your story is up on the charts, the more likely you'll get a review.

Unless you do the "review swap" thing, that tends to speed things up considerably. What do you write? Maybe I'll run a review if I find time this week.

The fast track is usually to offer to review someone else, I think. Two of the people I've reviewed stated they would return the favor, whenever I'm listed. So I don't know, on the track you're taking. But I'd recommend a review swap.

I have five stories up so far. Staying Human is post-apocalyptic with a heavy dose or romance. Amber Silverblood is werewolf urban fantasy. The Slayer and the Sphinx and it's newly-debuted sequel The Protector and the Peacemaker are both action/adventure urban fantasies. Juryokine is high fantasy. Everything I write leans more or less towards the YA genre, mostly because I try to keep the "bad" stuff to a minimum.

Which one do you want reviewed?

Hmm... I think my two best are The Slayer and the Sphinx and Juryokine. Pick whichever one you think you'd like best. Keep in mind Juryokine isn't fully uploaded yet, but it's getting a new chapter every Saturday. Thanks a ton, I hope you enjoy it, whichever one you pick! :)

When you say reviewed, do you actually mean listed?

The queue is here:

The time it takes to get listed varies.

I'm sure they've got the usual folks taking a look at it to get it listed:

So, is there like a specific page I should go to, in order to ask for a review swap? (He says, scurrying away to actually look for said page.)