How long to draw a cover?

My new book has been ready for release for going on a month now. All I'm waiting on is for my artist to finish drawing the cover for it. Rita's drawn all of my covers, and they're all awesome, but I noticed that every time I commission her she's taking longer and longer to give me the finished product. We started on this one in the beginning of April, and I've still only seen a couple uncolored rough drafts. This is after I asked her, before we even started, if she could have it ready before July, and she said yes. As awesome as her art (And her rates) is, I'm considering looking for a new artist. I mentioned it to some of my other writer friends, and they told me I was being impatient and that quality art takes time. What do you guys think? Is two months an okay time to wait for a good cover, or am I waiting for nothing?

I'm coming to this mostly as an artist prospective. Time depends on the actually cover design itself in terms of details, the artist in how quick they work, chosen medium, and how many commissions/work they are doing before you asked for yours. In my head, two months isn't that long in terms of waiting for a commission work especially if you aren't the only one waiting for a commission.

However, if she told you it'll be done before July, you should email her first and see what progress is being made. If she is a smart and professional artist, she won't make too many excuses and try to get your work as quickly as she can or if she just can't do it, give you a refund.

Yup. Having a commission take two months isn't that long, but the key is that a professional artist should be able to give you an accurate estimate of how long a commission is going to take based on what else she's doing at the time. Obviously, unexpected things happen, but if something changes and her ability to complete the commission on time is affected, she should tell you in advance of the actual deadline.

No professional cover artist who gets paid a fair amount for their work should need 2 months. That's insane. I've worked with a fairly slow one before - 3 weeks. The fastest took 2 days. 2 months just isn't reasonable.

It's only reasonable if the artist is doing you a favor and is working for free or for a huge discount. Otherwise, no.

I've worked with a few cover artists. Two months is way too long unless you are getting a super deal. 2 weeks is about the average for me. As Unice mentioned though, the real issue is if they are failing to meet a schedule. You could plan ahead and get covers in advance if you need to, but if they just don't deliver on time even that is impossible.

My covers take 2-4 weeks and I ask for a lot of tweaks and changes. I occasionally get an artist who drags their heels, usually because they aren't full time and have other stuff to do, but I always give them a deadline I need it by to which they agree and if they clearly aren't going t meet it I cancel the commission. Unreliable people, nice as they might be, just destroy my schedule (and my peace of mind). Not worth.

My 'covers' take about a week or two, but that's because I'm the one drawing them. Best thing to do is ask the artist how it's going, and definitely set a hard deadline when you commission anything.

My covers take about five minutes.

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