How long to make my 'episodes' for a scooby doo like series?

I've decided to write a sort of scooby doo style serial, mainly so I can grow as a writer and commit to writing regularly/every other day. I want it to be like scooby doo, or other shows with shortish episodes, basically being around 30 minutes with plenty of scenes and content. But I'm lost as to how many words this should be. Like it seems that for a novel around 6,000 words is a chapter, but that seems way too short for an episode. So if you are writing something episodic, how long are your episodes in words and minutes (if it were a tv show). Obviously each episode will vary in length, but what's a ballpark I can aim for? Thank you for any advice, and I'd love to check out your web series.

Other people read much faster than me. Some basically skim. Faster readers might clear a page a minute or more.

Thanks that makes sense. I'll play around with the word count but it's nice to know I dont need to write a huge amount of words for each chapter

I have written (well, am writing, they aren't published yet) several "short-scale" mystery/puzzle "episodes" for my web serial and they each come in the ballpark of about 12,000-15,000 words, and approximately 10-12 chapters. Of course, this is with tie-ins between the stories and a bit more overarching continuity than a Scooby Doo episode or anything, and you probably couldn't fit the stories into single 22-minute episodes without cuts. But these are different mediums so whatever.

That being said, if you're doing a single-chapter standaloneish story, especially if it's a mystery, 2000, 2500 words sounds like a good ballpark figure. 6000 words is like, 20 pages in a paperback book, so that's the far upper-boundary for web fiction IMO, because a chapter like that at JohnCalliganWrites's standard, is already a 30-40 minute read.

Sounds awesome though. Hope to read it.

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