How long until project appears?

I don't know if this is the place to post this, and don't want to appear impatient,but I realized I haven't seen anything regarding how long it takes a story to be listed, once registered.

Any estimate of how long between submitting a story and when it will be available to view?

Thank you.

Just had a look, and your submission is still sitting as a draft in your account. It is missing the author name field, at the very least. Please fill in the missing information and click the "Submit for Approval" button -- it should show up as "awaiting editor" once accepted.


I'd love to know the answer to this in general, too. :)

It's usually under 5 days. We had a backlog last month, due to a technical problem that I didn't have time to address for a while, but that's all caught up now.

That's good to hear. Thanks for the quick response--it's very much appreciated. :)

Ah, thank you.

Ironically, the last two lines in the current chapter 6 are:

Ah... now I see it. Thank you.

I was wondering if the "usually under 5 days" thing is still the case. (I realize that post is over a Year old.) I posted A Devil in God's Country about a month ago, and at the time is said it was "awaiting editor". I figure I must have done something wrong 'cause I don't see anything listed. Of course, it you think it sucks, please take your time:)

No worries Chris, I thought 5 days sounded pretty quick anyways. You guys being so busy just reaffirms that this is the place to be. Thanks again for the quick response Chris.

Yes I saw it, and thank you so much for your honest take on my story.

Hope nobody minds me bumping this thread to ask if there's a current backlog? It's just I noticed some new listings came up since I submitted mine, but it's still listed in my submissions as "awaiting editor attention". I just wanted to check it hadn't been missed - but if it's due to backlog I will wait patiently. :-)

I'd bet it's due to backlog. There are a number in the queue. Yours is in the middle.

Thanks :-)

I'll get to some more of them this weekend. Sorry for the delay.

No problem - I imagine there's a lot of work to do maintaining a resource like this, and I'm very grateful to all of you who are putting in that work.

@purplepooka Your listing is up.

I've processed everything submitted through Jan 27. There are 6 more submissions in the queue, which I'll try to get through during the week.


Thanks Chris - I've shared it to the FB/Twitter and look forward to seeing what people think!

I just realized we had three blogfics posted, just now. I haven't really noticed any blogfics in the past.

Did they all get referred here by the same source?

Reviewed two, Bad Influences included.