How long will you write?

I'm about to close out a book of my story, and with that I came to a startling realization that as soon as I finish all three books of Tapestry, I have a sequel to write. This has made me wonder: how long do you think you'll spend writing the serial you're working on now? Or are you just writing on forever, in an open-ended sort of way? Do you have other projects lined up to write after this one?

Threads of Fate was my first project, and it's almost done after a bit over a year of writing. Hidden Weavings will probably take just as long, and then the yet unnamed third book of the trilogy will take another year after /that/. Then I'm going to start the as mentioned sequel, the title of which is tentatively Jungle Dreams, of which I am sure about the dream part but not sure about the jungle part. That might turn into a trilogy too, given my luck. All in all? I'm going to be writing for a /while/.

'Jungle Dreams' sounds like a really weird porn flick . . .


Once I finish the Street trilogy, that's it. That story is done with. I might pick up the setting again but not the characters. I've been trying to stick to a one-a-year schedule, so hopefully I can finish and edit Clairvoyance over the next couple of months. After that I'm budgeting Precognition for end of 2009.

It's a long-term thing, but I'm getting to publish each book as it comes out (and probably an omnibus once all three are out) so it works out really well for me.



Until they pry my word processor from my cold, dead hands.

In all seriousness, Magical Brothers already has an ending planned out. It's going to take a while, but then it's a side project anyway. I try to have an ending in mind for everything I do, because I am endlessly (ha) driven crazy by series that never, ever finish and instead become twisted zombie parodies of themselves, slouching onwards into a bleak infinity.

I've set up Night Switch such that right now, there's still room for another 25000 installments. Will I write all of those? Nah. But the possibilities are endless!

Well each tale of Superstition is self-contained and has a definite end. I can keep plugging those out as long as I can find superstitions and dream up ways to turn them into crimes/mysteries.

An Empire of Law has at least one planned sequel. In that I plan to have a sequel, not that the sequel is yet planned. :-P

I also have other projects in my mind. Not sure how long I'll keep writing. But at the rate I'm going, I should be through at least 2009 before I have to make a decision about whether or not to continue beyond my current projects.

what lies unborn as well as my other 2 already-started-but-on-hiatus stories have a definite end. In fact their whole plot is very tight and defined, leaving little room for expanding them.

But as far as I care I have another 6 plots that I want to write. Moreover, two of those are more character driven and without a definite end, making them ideal for becoming long-term serials. To put it simply, I've got enough material to last me for as far as I want to write, and so far, writing is one of the 3 things that I haven't lost interest in.

Fragment has been worked on for a clean 10 years running...Iv only JUST started uploading however... the initial development was getting the writing style down. Even since join WFG my style has markedly improved. I suspect 2 more years till I'm finished writing all together. :X time will only tell however.

I'm just getting to the end of the first section of the Legion of Nothing. I imagine that there will be two more, each as long as the current one. If it takes me as long to write them as I did to write this one, it'll be almost two years from now when I finish.

I have no planned end to the main series. I really don't want to end it. This world is my Discworld or Newford - something I'll be happy writing about till they, as warlock said, pry my corpse's hands away from the keyboard.

The main series...well, I already know what I want to do for episode 500, and I have a five-year plan for one of my characters. I have a couple of stories for much later in the "ooh, that's a cool scene" stage.

And that's only the main series, the Agency and all that. I have a bunch of side stories I want to write - one that's half-complete, one that's going to be a major, major project and one that's probably going to evolve into a trilogy (ack, I said the horrible t-word).

I don't think I could run out of ideas for this 'verse, my worry is that I'll die without writing them all.

Larkenia's Flaws, Servants of the Mists, and Summer Graves all have planned endings. It might take awhile for me to reach them, since they're all on hiatus at the moment, but the ends are in sight. In fact, I'm hoping to finish Larkenia within the year, to give fans some sort of closure.

Baubles and Broomsticks, however, does not have a planned ending. In fact, I created the series to be as open-ended as many of my favorite childhood comic book series were. Sure, there are arcs, seasons, all that jazz, but the general concept can go on until I finally get sick of it all some day in the far-distant future.

But that's a good question. After starting three serials that I wanted to be open-ended but weren't working that way, I realized that setting something up to be open-ended requires work and planning in its own way. ^^

I'll keep writing till you can pry my pen from my cold dead hands!

I intend to make a career out of it, even if i don't become a famous fiction writer i can fall back on my physics (most scientists are pretty poor writers) and release things similar to the Elegant Universe

I've currently been writing It's All Relative since I was in 10th grade, so it's been about 5 years. I took a year or so off for school and tried to bring it out last year, but it didn't work out so well. So I'm trying to write as much as possible before I get super busy with school and work and all that good stuff. I think IAR will probably be broken up into three books, but I don't have a definite ending and I know at some point I'm going to have to think of a descent epilogue too.

Riders of Darith has three books planned - when they will be completed is a mystery. i have a few children's books i want ready early next year and a few others i still need to finish writing. i also have a few other novels in different genres i would like to write - i'll add a scene or characters when the mood hits me. for now, i'm only actively writing Riders.

but the question is how long will i write... i stopped once for a number of years and don't plan on doing that again. ever. even if i finish writing everything currently in my box of ideas, there will always be something new to write.

" worry is that I'll die without writing them all."

In my case probably as long as I continue to enjoy writing and it does not turn into a chore.

I thought I had ten years of storytime plotted out--at least the overall arc would take ten years to play out--but then all the ramifications of the climax of that arc started to occur to me. Now I say I'll probably be writing the History for the rest of my life. No, I'm not kidding.

wow wonder how many volumes it would come out to if you actually did that O_o

meilin: you have just made my day! i shalll avoid all killer chipmunks and ninja drivers from now on...

I'll keep writing till they pry my---

Woah, wait. Deja vu! @[email protected]

No, no, seriously. Just about each of my stories has an ending in some way. Some I planned on ending immediately and never continuing (maybe 9-12 chapters in length at most.) Others, as Morgan said, I wanted to just keep writing forever, like my favorite comic books.

I've been working on an idea for a few years (no outline, really, just developing the setting and characters) and while I have an idea of how it will end, I hope it will be a very long time before I get to that point. I want to give my characters some form of closure, yes, but if there is a story left to tell, I'll most certainly do it. And when their adventures are over and done with, I see no reason not to continue having fun. Many of my projects I cultivate to the point of making them universes--settings that I could continue writing in, just with different protagonists (often times, with side characters who I thought interesting enough to warrant their own book.) I like crossing stories and giving my world that depth and history.

In the case of Eikasia, I have a vague notion of how it *could* end. This story is my practice run. Not to say I don't care about it, but as it is my 'training ground' so to speak, why end it quickly? If at all? how long will I write?


If possible.

I couldn't say how long I'll spend on the Engines of Creation series. Book One is coming to a close next week, and I'll be starting Book Two within the next month or so. (I may take a two week vacation.)

Either way, I'm fully prepared to spend a couple of years writing the next few books in the series, after which time I'm going to move on to other book ideas I've had floating around. I plan on writing until I die of old age, keyboard clutched to my chest. ;)