How to draw a quasi-random sample of WFG stories?

Curious how the editors/moderators would approach this question.

I wanted to draw a sample of stories on WFG (probably stratified according to complete/non-complete) to examine how well the stories kept to a schedule. Mostly wanted to see exactly what can be "suggested" regarding the typical independent webserial writer.

* Is there a way to see total number of stories? (I presume that includes stories more than once depending on tags. Adding every count up on this page would overcount the number of stories in the dB)

* If no - is there a way to at least confirm/list all stories submitted in a year by some query? I'm mulling looking at 2012 or 2013 instead of all time.

*If a story was deleted but had been submitted here at one time, should a record still exist? If I limit analysis to the last two years, should I be worried about encountering a large number of these?

Would any of you already know this information instinctively and be willing to talk about it further?

Might get around the repetition of works with tags. I believe it's from the same database WFG uses (like TWF)

Thanks! That's a good suggestion as I forgot about this list!

At least this way I have an idea of starting denominator (~600).

Chris poked me offline and said he'd try to see what he could do. I'll see if I can get this info with years/links as a start.