How to tell a joke in a web serial

Hey guys/gals do you have any tips on how to tell a joke in a web serial?

Try to make it funny.


You are really not helping yourself here.

Yes, you are new, and yes, you want to learn. But you have to keep one thing in mind: Serials are about patience. Yours especially since you will have to wait a long time for any results to show. ReSubmitting the same thread (closed for obvious reasons I might add) is kinda not helping make me want to help you since I need a lot of patience already for other stuff and don't really know if I have to spare some if you don't even have it for yourself.

So please, stop that kind of behaviour.

Take a deep breath, take a step back, get a pen and just try. Nothing's gonna burn down or explode. Well, except if you copy PsychoGecko, then the world might collapse in on itself because it can handle all the infinite impropability. But that seems unlikely.

That said:

A joke in a WebSerial works the same way it works in any other medium:

Setup - Expectation - Subversion.

There are thousand upon thousands of sites out there dedicated to comedy. They provide great commentary and education. I recommend giving Google a few minutes to hours of your time. Or - but only if you're desperate - Bing. There's even a lot of great tropes and kinds of jokes on

Or, you know: Just try what you think is funny.

Oh, and important part: Jokes - like good writing :) - depend on observation. Watch the reaction you get. Shouting and slamming doors usually are a bad sign.

Thanks very much. Yeah I did kinda burn through all my good favor here. Sorry. But as I said in another topic, I will not post anymore questions, and start writing my web serial. Thank you for your time.

There are many, many, many books and articles out in print or online that teach you how to write. While web serialization has it's own little quirks, the general rules of storytelling work the same. If you are struggling this much to do the basics of story writing, I would advise going to a bookstore or looking online for materials you can read on the matter.

Ultimately, as Tin said, you just have to sit down and do it. Even if it comes out atrocious, it's a start, and you can work on it more later. You won't know what you need to improve until you have it in front of you to look over and work on. And, as mentioned, patience is very much a virtue in writing, serializing or not.

(No disrespect to the writers here, they have the wisdom of experience, but mining other resources can definitely be a help, and can sometimes more thoroughly answer questions, or touch on subjects you might not have thought of but turn out to be helpful.)

My advice would be to include only jokes that occur to you naturally while writing the story. Don't worry about how to write one. Worry about characters, plot, and tone. If those are right, no one will care that you didn't include jokes. If any or all of those are wrong, no one will really care that you were funny.

@GeneralRincewind: And my advice would be to not reopen topics I've closed. Happens again, you're banned.