Hello everyone, I was glad to find this site, and forum. I have been working on a story, which I have decided to publish on the web as a serial novel. The comments here have been very instructive. I've put off posting the first chapter a few times, but I may start very soon. I will post more information when it begins.

Welcome, and good luck!

Hello and welcome! I hope you enjoy it here, it can be very helpful. :) Good luck with your story, hopefully we'll see it up soon! :)

Hey, rnsmith. Good to see another newbie around here.

I only started a few months ago (I can't believe it's been three months already) and I know exactly what it's like, that hesitation before you take the plunge.

In my experience, it really helps to take the time to get a bit of a headstart on your story, so you've got maybe three to five weeks of writing done before you start. Not only does it mean you're not missing an update if you run into a spell of writer's block or get a cold/flu, but it gives you confidence about where you're going with the story.

My story TX History is now online here:

I will post one chapter every week for 13 weeks.