Huh, nobody's used this bit yet?

I pretty much agree with my review. That is, I entirely agree with my review. All I can say in response to the ambivalent parts is: Give it time. Which admittedly is going to be a bit with my current update schedule.

Any chance we can get an RSS feed for it? I sense stuff is about to get more interesting, but, in the meantime, it would help if the stuff was getting delivered to me.

A confession:

I have no idea how RSS feeds work. I've looked up information and found plenty on getting feeds delivered to me, but very little on putting them out myself. I am woefully untechnical.

RSS feeds are just specially formatted XML (similar to HTML, but much more strict with the way it's structured) pages that are placed somewhere on your website. Generally they are automatically generated through PHP or some other scripting language, but it's entirely doable manually if you've got a homebrew website (which from a quick look at your website, you do.).

This website looks like a pretty good rundown on RSS, to view the samples, right click the link and choose "Save link as..." or whatever it is in your browser of choice. If you need a primer in XML, a good place to check is here.

These two links also might help, if you have to hand-create a feed -- they provide large samples and instructions on customizing them:

Are you using software to create your site? Dreamweaver can generate an RSS file for you, I believe, as can most blogging engines.

Warlocktopus, I update RSS manually for Street, you're welcome to steal the file and adapt it for your own purposes. It's fairly transparent. All I do when I want to create a new story segment entry is copy and paste the bottom one (of the story segment entries), delete the top one (ditto), and change the descriptions as appropriate.

The only thing RSS really does is periodically check the feed file for being changed/updated, and if so, tell the user. It's a lot less complicated than it makes out to be.



Thanks. It has all managed to work its way through my cro-megamagnon monkeybrain, like a tea stain through a fine tablecloth, and I am now tentatively RSSified and tinted slightly brown.

To be honest with you, that program looks like a complete rip-off for something a trained monkey could do. It automates things you can do manually in Notepad (or your text editor of choice) in seconds, and then uploads it via FTP, which anyone should be able to do in order to properly maintain a website.

I wouldn't waste my denarii.



I found something a bit easier to manage in case you ever decide to make a new one or something. My brain didn't get it...