I thought I'd introduce myself while I waited for my serial to be approved (or not, as the case may be).

I'm Michal, an extremely obscure Canadian short story writer, among other things. Between 2010 and 2013 I off-and-on wrote a series of pulp stories for friends that were going to be published as a collection in 2014, before the small press that accepted them suddenly disappeared in a puff of smoke. So now I'm releasing them online, which matches the original ethos that went into writing them: releasing small chunks to a few people over the course of a few weeks.

(I also understand that this is completely backwards for how folks usually approach releasing serials, but eh.)

I only started reading long form fiction online about last year, with Scott Lynch's "Queen of the Iron Sands" still topping my list despite being--I think permanently--unfinished. What can I say; I love a good planetary romance!

Hey, Michal! Glad you found a place to keep going with your work without having to reinvent the wheels on it. So, which province are you from? I'm in Ontario.

The Yukon.

(And I'm not even joking about that!)

I went to university in Edmonton and Montreal, but I still ended up back here after finishing grad school. It's a beautiful place.

Out of all the Canuck chunks we live in, I don't know why I had to go, "Holy crap, that's crazy! You're exotic!" at that one. Man, I've got some friends who'd kill to get a StreetPass from you - hahaha!

Well, welcome to WFG! I had a peek at your first chapter. As a non-editor, it certainly seems like it would fit in. Do you have a summary for it?

Short version: "Follow the adventures of dimension-hopping bounty hunter Jennifer Asten as she cuts a bloody swathe of destruction across Earth 45, a world where Napoleon won the Battle of Waterloo and airships are a pervasive form of transportation."

That sounds pretty interesting. I'll have to add that to my to-read list whenever it gets posted. Also, greetings!

Welcome, fellow canuck. And sounds like a fellow U of A alumni too! :)

Yay, bloody swathes! My favorite type of swathes. Though I prefer the earth where Napoleon was ditched while eating ice cream, then invaded Waterloo Water Park. It was a most excellent adventure, unlike its bogus sequel. Greetings from the land of craziness, guns, rebel flags, and too much heat. Yukon't even imagine.

I can't say I know what planetary romance is. Most of us around here seem to prefer superheroes.

Anyway, I'm Psycho Gecko. I'm the guy who likes superheroes and wrestling.

Hi and welcome, Michal! Congrats on taking this step out into the wide world. Short stories should work very well with the serial format, and having some content already pre-written and ready will take some of the update stress away from you. :)

Welcome Michal!

Another short story serialist! Wooo!

I do Fantasy ones myself.

Still nice to see someone else mucking about with that form of the web serial.

@Patrick: Indeed I am. Did my undergrad there.

@ Psycho Gecko: "I can't say I know what planetary romance is."

The other name for it is "Sword & Planet"...basically "Conan the Barbarian in spaaaaace."

Seriously, check out: . It's awesome. Incomplete, but awesome.

Welcome Michal. I'm another relative newb here, from Sweden.

Just hit the ground running and you'll be just fine.

Hi Michal! Welcome. :D Good luck with your serial!

Welcome Michal!

I have to say, I'm a little bit jealous of you already, with your giant ready-made backlog sitting all pretty in the wings! Hopefully you'll be able to avoid a lot of the stresses of serialist life from the get-go, and that's awesome!

Yeah, right. Just wait until the backlog gremlins get there. You'll be writing by the seat of your pants like the rest of us in no time.

That seemed a bit too gleeful to me...just a little too "rubs hands together and smiles". Be honest Psycho Gecko, you're going to release backlog gremlins on him aren't you.

I support this action if it gets more of the gremlins off my back.

Oh please, of all the things I might do, as if I would ever really seriously consider unleashing gremlins. Now, if nobody minds, this box of, um, let's call them "Not Gremlins", is getting a bit heavy. I'll just leave it here and get to a safe distance.

Yes, I just got listed! Now I guess I get to join the "official" fold. Are there any handshakes and blood rituals I'm supposed to learn?

The goats a sacraficed by-weekly on tuesdays to the word gods, we supply goats on a rotating basis. I belive our resident Llama is supplying the next one, I'll be stickng you to the end of the roster. Also if you haven't recieved them yet your 'not-gemilins' are in the mail. Wordpress exorcisims are not currenlty avalble and no we don't know when they will be again, so you're just going to have to deal with the demons. Don't worry they aren't as bad as the one in your printer, but they are worse than the toaster demons.