Been lurking for a while, thought it was about time I introduced myself and started contributing.

So yes, hello. Name's Josh, I'm a student from Australia. Writing experience is... pretty much nothing, actually, barring some old stories I wrote in high school that make me cringe just thinking about them. Outliers is really my first go at doing something with an actual plot and characters, let alone serialised, so we'll see how that goes. I'm not too full of myself to admit that it's taking some influence from Worm, but I'd like to think I'm also drawing on enough other different sources (Butcher, Harmon, Sanderson, Basu, to name a few) that it can be its own thing.

In the six-odd months its been running, I've learned that I:

- really need to learn HTML

- am a very slow writer

- have a very low attention span

- am very bad at advertising

so hopefully, I can work on some of those.

My interests tend to run towards the fantasy/sci-fi side of the spectrum, and I've got plenty of ideas kicking around, so with luck I'll be around for a while, even after Outliers finishes (if it does finish).

Hi Knifle.

I don't know about you, but I don't know any HTML, I'm pretty slow as a writer (I just put in a lot of hours), my attention span is awful, and I've never advertised, barring a mention on a forum or subreddit now and again.

All you gotta do is put in the hours.

All you gotta do is put in the hours.

That, and worship Satan.

Pro tip: he likes it when you compliment his pointy tail.

Damn so that's your secret?

Helps, but complimenting his pointy tail is a bad idea. The tail is an affectation that doesn't have any root in any text mentioning him. The pitchfork and horns, too - they were added late, as an affectation to make the religion more palatable to the public at the time (making him easier to understand by drawing parallels to Poseidon's trident and Pan), just as God was depicted as having a flowing white beard and robe (with links drawn to Zeus, the dominant god).

Hail Satan. Nice pointy tail and awesome horns and pitchfork. Can I get more views and subscribers? Also can the nice we fiction people finally update the link?

I feel like I'm writing a letter to Santa clause

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They have the same letters.

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I was real disappointed when Satan didn't have the pitchfork. Like, I came to Hell because I was too damn kinky, and now I find that Satan ain't even into the basic s***?

Hey. Don't talk about my lord like that!

I said this of my own free will and definitely not because I want Satan to help me out.

Fascinating, fascinating. So tell me, do I actually have to sell my soul to his Unholyness, or merely just kinda buddy up to him? Asking purely for academic reasons, of course.

I tried buddying up to Satan, and you know what told me? He said, "Why do you have a boner?"

Like, wow Satan, way to be awkward. Just trying to make friends.

You guys still go to Satan for your HTML help? Psh. You can't REALLY learn how to code until you summon a Great Old One.

Hello Knifleman. :)

Happy to have you here. Surely you will get used to...whatever that exchange up there was.

HTML is indeed not that necessary to know and all the rest is just an obstacle to overcome.

Advertising important, kinda. With a good enough story and characters and grip ones story gets around, too. But Worm is kind of an exception in that case, I guess.

But otherwise I'm wholly with Wildbow. Put in the hours, that's all you can reliably influence.

Quiet a nice theme outliers got, btw. Really like the Slaaneshcolours. I think I'll check it out, if I have the time. :) Like the chapternames, too. I myself am still struggling with how to name everything...but who am I to talk, you have been running five months longer. :D

P.S: All glory to the hypnotoad.

Thanks! I put a lot of work into trying to make it look good, so it's always nice to hear people who aren't me liking it. Honestly, the chapter names kind of feel like cheating sometimes. Maybe next time around I'll get to use good 'ol "In Which...".









Could you - please - turn it down a notch? :) There are shades of funny. Funny. PsychoGecko. Forcefully funny. And whatever you are doing.

These postings are neither helping nor really entertaining.


Do you have anything to do with Design? I really dig your site. The emblems are a bit gimmicky maybe, but looking nice. What significance do they have? Plus: When I click on them they just get big. No links, no nothing. Not that much of a problem but maybe change that?

And why would these chapters be cheating? Nothing against Dumas-Style summaries but they take all the fun away.

Hello, Knifleman. :)

Putting in hours is definitely important, but don't forget to have fun with it, too. I'm also a fan of your chapter titles. If using song titles is cheating, then count me with the cheaters. I think I have as much fun figuring out what songs to use for titles as I do coming up with the actual story, sometimes.

I use a little html to help me get my WordPress pages and posts to do exactly what I want them to do, sometimes. Mostly I just learn what I need to know when I need to do it by typing in frantic Google searches. ;)



I apologize for telling jokes, that while not offensive in any way, annoyed someone over the Internet. I will stop doing what I enjoy since it offends people who cannot just ignore a comment if they don't like it and move on. You have my most sincere apology.

Hello knifleman.