I did it! Now hiatus incoming.

With a grateful heart to the advice and wisdom of everyone here, I serialized my first webnovel for 34 episodes over the course of 4 months! It's been fun, thrilling, and and adventure. I've learned about editing, and style, and found I have evolved quite a bit from when I first formulated the world of Chrysalis Experiment.

However, life happens. With work pumping out a new product, I worked two months of 60 or more hour weeks and with the holiday travel in the near future, I have not been able to maintain a backlog. So after a final push to make it to a full four months, I'm going to have to go on hiatus until February 1st to rebuild the backlog and continue the story.

I learned a lot of awesome things, and will continue to explore what else I can do with my series. I am open to suggestions and advice. Personally I don't see the hiatus as a defeat, especially seeing 34 episodes behind me. Now to get 30 more ready for the second half of series one!

I can't say it enough, but thanks for showing me an awesome new world of serialization!

Congratulations! It's a nice feeling to get something completed.

Congrats, particularly on you feeling that you've grown/evolved! Just want to emphasize, hiatus is definitely not a defeat -- in particular, since you notified people, and already have a possible resumption date in mind. In my case, back in 2012, after publishing the math serial twice weekly for 66 straight weeks... I simply couldn't any more. Lots of factors, including no buffer. And I wasn't even sure when (or if) I should bother to continue. (Eventually I did.)

So yeah, keep exploring! And remember to enjoy life too!

Congratulations! Great work. Enjoy your hiatus. :)

Thanks for the encouragement! I have a lot of paid time off of just "me" time in the near future that I hope to use for both life experience and writing. This has been a story I have wanted to continue and finish for so long, and I feel like I am finally doing it, and that is unbelievably thrilling.

Also, I want to spend more time reading the awesome webfictions on this site. It's hard to appreciate everyone else's work when one has a countdown to the next post impending.

Congratulations on that achievement! :) Really happy you didn't bail like so many others.

Even tough i'm sad for the hiatus. Word is stats always take a nosedive with that. Enjoy it anyway and unwind a bit. Hope book two goes as well.