I do not have a dog named Labia.

That is all.


Well...how about a cat? :P

How about Hymen? Is Hymen good?

I once had a cat named Stubby.

And a gerbil named Dildo.

So... What is your dog's name?

My dog's name is Henry. :) I've been wracking my brains trying to remember how the whole "dog named Labia" thing started and I can't remember, except that it was an in-site joke for a couple of weeks.

I always did think that that was a wee bit far fetched... You think maybe Sir started it?

Nope. I'm laying money on TheBoy, one of my readers. It's his style. ;)

Ha! I just remember that being mentioned in the comments I think (since I don't visit your forums) and I went, well that's interesting! I read all the comments too so I don't know how I missed the joke in that!

I twitted once "do not name your dog Labia," and it was a reference to something and for the life of me I cannot remember what.