I finally finished my series!

I am so happy! It took exactly 3 years and four books, but I have finally, at last, finished Holly(Woods)! Yay! Woot woot! *toots horns*

Oh wow. Freaking wow. Three years? FOUR books? Congratulations! That's an intense amount of work, and I'm glad you stuck with it to the end! :D

Very impressive. So what's next?

Congratulations and good luck on your next project! And damn, three years? That's very impressive.

Congratulations! I like stories about the pursuit of fame and the pitfalls that may come along the way, so I'll be sure to give your story a read. Any advice that you'd like to share to people hoping to keep their serial going for years?

Way to go! Congratulations! Finally completing a 3 year project is an amazing accomplishment.

Congrats! Great work, well done you. :)

Thank you so much everyone! I am really, really pleased. I had no idea when I first started that it would take me three years to finish ;-) There were definitely some moments, especially early 2015, where I had a *ton* of trouble keeping to it. But I am so very happy that I stuck to it.

TanaNari: not sure what's next. Probably not another web series, at least not until next year. I am going on a workaway program later this year, and I don't want to worry about having to meet writing deadlines while I'm away. But, I do want to edit the series I just finished I bit and put it up on amazon, and then probably start work on a fantasy story I have been wanting to write for years and just never have. I think it may be time :-) Also, any thing that's only one book long would be good right about now. You sure get tired of writing about the same characters for 3 years ;-)

kaleidofish: The only advice I can think of is even when you feel something isn't great or you haven't written that much, stick with it. There were a few weeks when update time would roll around and I only had 500 words but I posted them anyways. Sometimes you've just got to force yourself to stick with it even when you really would rather not :-) But it's very satisfying when you do.

Congratulations, Naomi! That is an incredible amount of work. Good luck on your workaway program.

NaomiL, that is quite a feat and i'm very happy you did stick to it. :) Best of luck with editing and being another Idol on the pillars of finished webserials out there. :D