I finally fixed my Patreon. /Scarred. Currently in fetal position.

Okay folks... it finally happened.

After the better part of a year, I finally got the motivation to fix my @#$%ing Patreon page. It took some tears, it took some (a lot) of alcohol, and took some banging my head on a desk. Alas, I have thrown away the last vestiges of my promotion noobishness.

When I first set up my Patreon page, I didn't really know what I was doing and my rewards were ALL screwed up. The page didn't look very professional either, or more importantly, fun.

I just spent all night revamping the thing. :)



I'm kind of shocked I was even making $10 a month before. Hopefully those numbers rise now so I can start at least breaking even before publishing. :P


It's looking good. The only suggestion I would make is that "if I get 300 a month I'll update more often" is very vague. Are you thinking one more update? Ten?

I 'd suggest working out how many would be feasible, and then putting that in. "At 300 a month, there will be 2 more updates every month. At 600, there will be 4." For example.

I love your artist's work.

So I had two windows open, and posted a rant here about how women don't have equality and stuff. Meant to post it elsewhere.

No worries. :P I didn't see it and if you're going to rant about something, equality is a good thing to rant about.

Meanwhile, I tend to rant about stupid things like how dumb it is that vanilla mortal heroes only fight other fight vanilla mortal heroes in Captain America: Civil War.

Definitely looks much better than mine. Good job! :D

I keep meaning to fix it too, but I just don't have spare time to offer rewards. 100% of my available writing time goes toward the weekly update. Oh well.

I'll probably rewrite most of it, though... I'm planning to link to Patreon from the back of the second ebook, so the page needs to look much better than it currently does.

I think it looks good! I really liked the video as well, though it sounds like you might have been a little too close to the mic.

I just deleted my Patreon actually. Just one less thing for me to worry about on my ever-growing plate of... things to worry about. yeah. It's too early in the morning for me to be creative.