I finished building my site (finally)

I finally finished building my own site, and sorted out the hosting and stuff. I migrated everything over from the temporary Wordpress site I had, too. It's a little similar to the Wordpress site, but in a lot of ways it's better.

Anyway, any thoughts? Anything I missed? Do you hate it?


I like it. It's very simple and clean. I like that the content feels like it's on a page. Something to look at though, the text in the header is partially hidden at the top and bottom. I can see that text says "Updates Tuesday and Friday" but the bottom half of the text is hidden (I've viewed it on safari).

Thank you.

I should have thought to check it on multiple browsers, I only checked on mine (user error).

The banners need work, I'm trying to teach myself enough gimp to cope with them. It's different enough from Photoshop that it's a pain in the butt. Hopefully the banners will be sorted over the weekend.

Thanks again.

Are links supposed to be on new lines? Because right now, to me, it looks like this: http://imgur.com/a/7qJlU. It's not a great look. Otherwise, it's nice, and I like it. The banners are quite low res, but I'm assuming you're going to fix that.

1. The banner needs to be higher resolution, it's going jaypeggy in all the bad ways.

2. The use of alternating line breaks with the centering is driving my eye nuts trying to parse the front page.

3. A little less white would be welcome, especially around the left and right far borders. Maybe a gentle dark gray pattern or something?

I really didn't think those line breaks were problematic, but I read a lot of scripts so I'm used to random line breaks and rapidly changing justifications.

I'll sort that out when I get home.

Yes, banners are getting sorted "soon."

Thanks for the feedback

I don't like it very much. Your landing page looks messy and unprofessional.

You also made strange decisions for your side bar. For instance, your copyright information doesn't need to be that prominently displayed. You have it at the top, and your Twitter information is literally at the bottom of the page after scrolling a bit.

I think you have a good foundation for what you're trying to do, but you should ask yourself, "What is most important, what do I really want my readers to most easily see?"

-My .02.

My website isn't omg-amazing but you can see at least part of what I talking about here with how I organized things.


I'd just say to make sure your landing page's text stays consistently centered. It's a bit odd to have some parts and links in the middle and the word 'or', for example waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over here. :P

And just to up the readability, you should either have a colon leading into the links or have the link be the end of the same sentence. People can figure it out, but it does look an awful lot like your sentence just vanished and here's an unrelated link!

Other than that, it's a great start. It's simple, it's clean, and I can find my way around. I'd like to see what you do with it down the road; I'm a big fan of colour and serial personality, and I love when writers work towards that.

I fixed the Contents Page, and everyone who mentioned it was right. It is way better written in paragraphs. I'm still sourcing/editing banners - since I need nearly ten of them, it's taking a while :)

I studied colour theory as part of my college work, Tartra, so I'm a big fan of that, too. At the moment the site changes banners when it changes POV. I would like it to change bg colour, too, but it seems to need to be a uniform bg colour.

I may have to code a site to get what I want, and I'd much rather just use wordpress themes rather code an entire site so I can have changeable bg colours. It's a stupid amount of work for tiny return.

Blaise, I spent a lot of time considering my side bar, and looking over other serials to see what they had. The copyright is the most important information on the page, that's why copyright is also at the front of books. The Twitter feed is the least important thing, and I seriously considered not including it all, because it's that unimportant. Also, considering the lengths of my posts, it's not that far down the side. Also, it's going to have to change again once I have reviews and my site can be voted for.

Thanks everyone for the time and thoughts.