I got interviewed

So, you may have noticed that I've been doing some interviews with various people recently. That idea came to me two months ago, after I submitted an amateur press release to my local paper. They finally released it yesterday. Here it is: http://maynard.wickedlocal.com/article/20150702/NEWS/150709367?utm_term=view_as_webpage

Nice article! I hope it inspires some people in your community to read web serials, and your story in particular.

That's awesome! Congrats! Nice beard ;)

Great interview! Congratulations! :)

Yay, always nice when a serialist gets some coverage. Well done.

Dude, AWESOME! Nice feature article.

Also, DUDE, it looks cold. you're only wearing a t-shirt?!

Aye, nice article. I discovered web serials quite by accident when I stumbled upon Super Powereds and Worm online.

In response to lifesharpener: Yeah. I was. It was a cast photo for a play I was in during high school (not that long ago, but getting longer) and things were getting really rushed at the time.

Congratulations on being interviewed! Just curious, how long have you been out of high school?

Three years, so not very long.

Man, you're off to a better start than me. My ten year reunion is next year. Well, keep it up the good work!

That's awesome! Nice article, congrats. :)