I took a liberty

...and placed a WFG ad on all pages at DN. I just need something in that spot and I want to see you guys do well.

Thanks, MeiLin!

It's linked off every page of Street as well.



Wow you guys are pretty awesome. =D

Danke schoen!

Awesome. ^_^

Oh yeah, since this is going to be the page where people talk about linking WFG. I've put it up on Mill Avenue Vexations as well. If we are going to pour our adoration into a central reservoir--Web Fiction Guide is a good place to direct people to get them into the scene.

Yeah, my Project Wonderful skyscraper defaults to the WFG ad. It's waaaaay prettier than the "YOUR AD HERE" thing, plus I always wanna support the guide.

Thanks Kyt! Thanks Alex! :-)

Just posted a link.