I want to hear from you

[this is a post from my site, but I wanted to make sure to reach the WFG community since any input from you guys will be especially helpful. I may ask for interviews a little later on, but I have to get the story idea worked out first. Thanks!]

The Post


I commented over at the original post :D *is Steph*

If I remember, I'll pimp it on my blogs later for you. It's an interesting subject.

Thanks, I really appreciate it.

Anything I can do just ask, Alex.

I'm organizing my thoughts tonight, so after that, I'll let you know if I need anything. I really appreciate everyone being so willing to help. That in and of itself says something about the community.

I put up a link on my blog in order that I might direct some viewers that way. I'll put one on Vexations tomorrow. Figured that we could probably deliver some useful commentary thy way.


Man, I better write a damn good article... if everyone when to all this trouble to help and then it sucked, that would be... not-good.

Hey there! Commented on your post. Don't know if anything I said was of any use. I didn't say it there, but I don't mind if you do any quotes, even to say that I'm a cheese whizzing nincompoop.

For what its worth, I can link to your blog through my author's site. Sorry for hopping in a little late--I was sick all yesterday.